Wish you were here Bob


“Man is a universe within himself” as you said. Thank you thank you Bob for being a positive influence in my life. Haven’t had the chance to smoke weed and I promise to only try it if I get to meet you in another lifetime (haha!). They said you write music under a big tree in Jaimaca, well, if that’s true, please let me watch you closely. I would also like to touch your dreadlocks, maybe it will feel rough but I care less. May the world continue to live with your words “one love”.

Happy birthday to you and all the rasta’s in the world.

5 thoughts on “Wish you were here Bob

  1. Hi Jocelyn,
    I am not a Rasta girl but I admire Bob’s art. Bob’s message is one of love and faith. We can all relate to his songs! I was just humming a day or two ago “We’re jammin.. jammin’ in the name of the Lord…” 🙂
    Have a cool day.

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