Manic Mondays I LOVE


Spent my Monday wisely and started it out crazy 🙂 This is my younger sister and I having fun after drinking our coffee (she even sneaked a few sips on mine! Hmpppp sissy, madaya ka, bhelat).


Then it’s time for another coffee with one of the prettiest girls alive, Kai. From the first time she shouted my name, I knew fun has started.


Greenhills shopping will always be one of the best places to hang out with a shopaholic friend like me. Lol! This photo was taken while we were shoe shopping.


Cherry blossoms are in bloom in Manila! They are soooo cute! (Errr, the fake ones)


After two hours of non stop walking, it’s time to eat out! Super sorry if we almost left without paying. One of the most embarassing moment in our entire laugh but hey, we remembered and walked back inside. Oh bloopers!!! My stomach ached from too much laughing!


Coffee for the third time? Why not? Apparently, Lyza our dear friend who just came back from Singapore saw my IG post and immediately followed! How fun is that? These two girls are the other superwomen that I know. It’s nice to surround yourself with such good strong souls! We talked about life, love, heartaches, guys, shopping and how to get better each day! We wrapped it up by watching ‘Beautiful Creatures’, love the movie and the collection of poetry that Leila owns. ^^

To my sister, Kai and Lyza, thanks for completing my Monday 🙂

5 thoughts on “Manic Mondays I LOVE

  1. Hi Istar,
    What a riot you and your sister are! Laughter is the best therapy; I had my share of giggles yesterday with a sweet child(not mine, a friend’s). I am learning that as I grow older, I laugh more( I was much more serious at 20 than I am now!).
    Cheers :).

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