Friends, Fun, Fringes at Boracay Part 2

Continuation of Part 1

Last day and night so we need to make the most out of it. Gen and I just stayed at the beach area while the rest of the girls went out for their para sailing adventure. Nag papaka beach bum lang ang peg namin dalawa. No wonder din, we were the darkest after the trip.
Batch 2 Boracay (1)Gen with a book in hand 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (2)My frizzy dried hair while seating at a beach chair. I kinda loved it, walang suklay suklay pag ka gising, beach agad agad.

Batch 2 Boracay (3)Feeling ko siya din yung same jogger na nakita namin yesterday. Wow! Fitness to the max si ate!

Batch 2 Boracay (4)Drums and heartbeat ♥

Batch 2 Boracay (5)A lady missing and calling someone 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (6) Gen, after her early morning swim.

Batch 2 Boracay (7)Feet up! ♥

Boracay part 2As she said “Being sexy is more of an attitude” :)♥ Always has been! Love your body shape no matter what, being too skinny is not that “in” anyway 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (8) Sand angel! I look flushed na dito,swimming lang ng swimming hanggat may dagat. Thanks Jude and Anna dahil pinag trippan niyo ng sapat ang bangus belly ko, puro sand tuloy, haha!

Batch 2 Boracay (9) Exchanging stories and photos while sun bathing.

Batch 2 Boracay (10)I offer sand scrub for free 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (11)Sand bathing while the rest sun bathes 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (12) More beach mode lang ang peg namin for the last day.

Batch 2 Boracay (13) All smiles ♥

Batch 2 Boracay (14) Cuteness!

Batch 2 Boracay (15) Totoong nakakain si Jude ng sand, ano kaya lasa? Maalat na magaspang? haha 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (16) Surprise surprise, pizza and pasta from Yellowcab for the birthday girls! We wish you more fun in life and more more more sun! 🙂 – Amie, Gen, Joycey.

Batch 2 Boracay (17)Nalipasan ata kami ng gutom, we were not able to to finish our pizza 😦

Batch 2 Boracay (18)Girls just wanna have fun!

Batch 2 Boracay (19) Now I am all tanned up, pinay na pinay lang ang dating. Thank you sun!

Batch 2 Boracay (20)Thank to Kuya for taking a photo of us, minsanan lang kami ma complete sa photo, hirap ng walang tripod. It is a must sa next travel.

Batch 2 Boracay (21)“Kuya isa pa, this side naman” 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (22) Amie, Gen, Jude, Hilds and Anna, thank you girls for this wonderful and awesome trip. I cannot find the correct adjective or word to really describe it, but it was one of the FUNnest experience ever!

Batch 2 Boracay (23) Boracay sunsets never look the same but all of them are beyond beautiful.

Batch 2 Boracay (24) Loving my shirt in fringes!

Batch 2 Boracay (25) After a few walk and a short tricycle ride, we reached ‘D Talipapa’ where you can eat a lot of seafoods, buy souvenirs and get to know local folks.

Batch 2 Boracay (26) Amie shopping some stuff.

Batch 2 Boracay (27)Wooden keychain souvenirs, 4 for 100 pesos. You just need to choose 4 designs and Kuya will write down the names you want. He uses acrylic paints and he hand crafts them one by one. I can imagine the patience, look how fine the details were. Truly artsy!

Batch 2 Boracay (28)Real hands make real art.
Batch 2 Boracay (29) Cute little rastas!

Batch 2 Boracay (30) These bags are love ♥

Batch 2 Boracay (32) Walking back, I came across this shop. Too bad all my soaking up time were over, this can be so cute without slippers!

Batch 2 Boracay (33) Look at that! Weeeeee!

Batch 2 Boracay (34) So many things you can see here, good to take a lot of photos, everyone is busy about something, food, art, beach, music! Oh it is haven!

Batch 2 Boracay (35) After a few minutes of deciding when to eat, we finally chose this buffet. Not bad for the price, sulit lang 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (36) Food galore

Batch 2 Boracay (37) Our tables looked okay pa dito, wala pa masyadong kalat, haha.

Batch 2 Boracay (38) Dinner plate, ang cute ng shells!

Batch 2 Boracay (39) But when the sea food arrived, it all started to get messy, haha! Sea Food atrack na!

Batch 2 Boracay (40)Looks like we have a sea food eating contest, ang sarap ng crabs, medyo mali liit nga lang, pero keri na…

Batch 2 Boracay (41)..madami naman sila, unlimited crabs ba kamo?

Batch 2 Boracay (42)Heaven na heaven lang

Batch 2 Boracay (43) Crabs made us really happy 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (44) So as our table, haha! Burp!

Batch 2 Boracay (45) After dinner, Hilds and Gen went back to our place while the rest walked up to Boom Boom Bar. This bar is famous for its reggae rhythm. Perfect place to hang out for the last night. Above is Ferns Tosco who wrote the song “Island called Boracay” nice song, please take time to listen to it, let’s support OPM.

Batch 2 Boracay (46)Shake for me and a drink for Jude

Batch 2 Boracay (47)My fave set, Marvin really looks like Bob Marley 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (48)

While singing “Bad day”, well, it’s not bad at all when you hear him sing ♫

Thanks to the following people: Bianca for her SLR, Jambi and Ghel for lending me their swimsuits, drop_n_shop for the affordable shades and Mad For Fashion fringe tops.

8 thoughts on “Friends, Fun, Fringes at Boracay Part 2

  1. Wow! It isn’t just a blog post. It’s an experience. You only didn’t make us see, but also made us experience your Boracay Escapade. Way to go Joyce!

    1. Thanks June, I really wantes to connect with my readers. I am not so good like other travel blogs out there, all I have to share was how I experiences the place and the people I am with 🙂 glad you loved this like the first one. You are really a patient reader.

  2. Dear friend this is a delightful post.Beauty for the eye,joy for the heart,and delicious tempting. food.Beside the magnificent nature and lovely friendship.Blessings and regards.jalal

    1. Jalal, appreciate your words. I am lucky to be alive and experience these blessings of culture, love and friendship, least I can do is share them with all of you 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

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