Too bad I was not able to visit the event! Everyone, meet my cousin, please visit his page, more fascinating photos coming soon! 🙂

Acee Aralar

Welcome to 18th Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark, Pampanga.

Hot Air Balloon Fest

A morning stroll to take pictures. Hope you enjoy


Fire Truck in the Air.


Colorful Roses to all lovers.


The Pink Elephant.

 Red Balloon

Plain Balloon for the Show.


Checkered Balloon.


Sunny Go Merry

Photographer Inaction

A Photographer In Action

Pin Wheel

Fascinating Pin Wheel in the Market. – Bought one of this for PHP 100.

For Sale

Balloons for Sale.

Yellow Cab

Flying Yellow Cab that looks like a String Ray

Couple's Shoes

Couple’s Shoes. More Expensive than Shirts.


Air Shows.


Breitling Jet Team flies.

Trail Jets

 Jet Trialing. – Wishing I have a Zoom Lens.

Nurse Rose

My Cousin who stayed at the event for four days truly dedicated nurse always ready to help.


Looking into the Sunset. – Wish i could try this in the near future.

Lost Soul

Lost Soul in the Night. – Captured in Camera.

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