BCC 2003 turns 10!

1 2 10 years ago, this is how we looked like. In plaid uniforms and oh so “neneng image”. Can’t seem to find our batch picture so I decided that this epic shot will do.


After 10 years, here we are 🙂

It was truly a day to remember, we started out with the Holy Mass at Sta. Ursula Parish (wasn’t able to attend) then followed by the motorcade. Everyone looked fresh in this photo. Thank you so much to all who woke up early just to participate and beat the summer sun.

4Now let’s get it on! Time to rock it! 🙂

5 Who says it was hot? I guess all of us?! But who cares, we totally enjoyed shouting on top of our lungs while giving out candies.

6 My section, our Lady of Lourdes 🙂

7After a tiring morning at the motorcade, it’s time for the real party! Hoping everyone got a chance to taste this cake that I ordered for everyone. Not sure where it ended because I didn’t get to see it after getting a slice.

8 Our cute tarpaulin with all the sections of our Batch.

9 Out of 9, we are down to 5. When will we ever be complete again? 😦

bcc (7)

To my Dad, thank you so much for our Fundador Gold Reserve, was not able to keep the bottle. My dear friend Jambi with our beers!!! Yeah! Cheers for the 10 Years! “Ang sarap sarap mag Oh-ten

10Special thanks to the Recall Band, a party isn’t a party without great music.

11Music, beers, friends, batchmates, fun = great time 🙂

12I want to go around the table and talk to some people whom I have not really gotten to know way back high school, but being the MC with the only one Minerva Diyosa, that seemed impossible.

bcc (5)

Marshmallow eating contest, thanks SCA for the game and prize.

13Beer drinking with straw… anyone?

14And, carrying of loved ones? Lol! By the way, the man carrying his girl is Mikki, the one who made our fab shirts!

bcc (3)

My fab co host Minerva Diyosa dancing 🙂

15Recall Band, thanks for letting me jam with you. 🙂 Next photos are with different sections and their respective group of friends.

16bcc (4) bcc (2) bcc (1)


With my classmates… the balloons look amazing in here! 🙂

18 Butch helping us open a beer bottle.

19Time to make some chikka with a dear friend whom we missed so much, Christian Basas! 🙂 Glad to see you!


And of course, it’s a night to take unlimited photos with my ultimate crush! He is still a cutie after 10 years.

bcc (6)

The man on the left, JC, thanks for being my seat mate for the night. Next time I promise to concentrate on being the “tangera” haha! I wondered who drank the mixed one, lol! And of course, the man of the right, this event would not be possible if not for his patience and hard work, meet Mr. Relly Bernardo. I am super proud of you, glad you were able to pull off this event although you were very busy! Everyone, as in everyone, had FUN! Truly a night to remember!

Lastly! To each and everyone who attended, your efforts were appreciated. To the team who fixed the place, it was so nice! To the people in charge of the food and the drinks, thanks for running to and fro. To our batch mates outside the country, hope you were able to catch us on Ustream, thank you for the financial help. As Relly quoted, this Re_nion would not be complete without “U”.


Special thanks to Ghel and my batch mates for some photos, out of all this is my fave, although blurred, I look so happy here serving drinks to my friends and cleaning out the table. I got to be a waitress for a night!

Again, big thanks to our sponsors 🙂

Dastan’s Digital Printing

Dante’s Studio (Facebook and Website, check out our photo booth photos)

Recall Band

H20K Water Refilling Station

Bokya Boys

1489 Cableway Resort

RMR Natural Alkaline Water Station


Ben Mar Lights & Sounds

3 thoughts on “BCC 2003 turns 10!

  1. i have a vid of the party but it’s on fb not sure if it can be embedded. lol. it has your jam session with recall band 🙂

    wahhh no time to blog 😦 😦

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