Abusing freedom

Normally, during work days, I would go straight to my Grandma’s house because it’s nearer compared to my parents’. Today, I found myself traveling home at 1am in the morning to my parents’ crib just to feel my bed. My bed, as in my real own bed. I do not complain that much about life because I know God would not give me challenges that I can’t handle. This week is just different from the rest. It makes me sad that my spirit is dwindling.

After an hour of commuting, instead of taking a trike at past 2 in the morning, I walked. A breather is what I need. The lights that reflected on the pavement and the silence of the road feels closer to home. However, it’s a no-no to walk alone (knowing also that I am a lady) though I feel walking on ‘safe ground’ since it’s my hometown. Talk about abusing my freedom 😦 what I did was risky.

Now I am in the comfort of my bedroom. A small yellow lamp beside me and a blowing electric fan keeps me company, but my mind is still all over the place. Maybe, I am in a mid life crisis.

12 thoughts on “Abusing freedom

      1. witty one!
        I liked your post
        ” I do not complain that much about life because I know God would not give me challenges that I can’t handle ”
        You inspire a LOT

  1. Sorry to hear that. From what I know, midlife crisis normally occur when one is in his’her 40’s-60’s. It may have an early onset in special cases but usually called depression or anxiety. I know you’re special but not like that, Joyce. Don’t worry you’re not alone in that situation. I personally go through that kind of feeling more than I should.
    Awareness is the first step to combat it and for what your post is worth, it shows that you are aware of your thoughts and emotions. That’s a good thing because unless we recognize it, we won’t be able to control it.
    Try to zoom out from your worries, meaning try to see your concerns in a macro-perspective and you will see how meager it is compared to the past and the future worries you will have.
    Stay healthy. Be conscious with your diet because we are what we eat. Our emotions are usually perceived in our minds and our brain is also affected by our physiological condition. Try drinking green tea when chilling out. Eat dark chocolates – they make you burn calories and help brain secrete happy hormones. Do some yoga, its relaxing. If you need to stay up, eat apples, instead of drinking coffee. Coffee is addictive but one of the leading causes of depression and the likes.
    Manage stress. Know your stress relievers, friends, books, puppies, ice cream. Get enough sleep because one way to incur any affliction is to get less sleep.
    I know it’s easier said than done but I also know that you are an empowered woman. You’ll figure it out. 😉

    1. Wow June, can I get you as my one of my advisers? Thanks for all the tips, I really should get into that green tea habit, you are the 3rd friend who suggested that. 🙂

      1. Yeah, green tea works for me(or it could be the placebo effect working on me hehe).
        You know what they say, we special people should stick together. 🙂

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