10 Day Blog Challenge: Part 8

blog challenge

Three turn ons

1. People who know how to use these phrases “thank you”, “i apologize” and “you are welcome” and really mean them.
2. Someone who reads poetry or someone who can sing.
3. Someone who can argue with me in a healthy way.


8 thoughts on “10 Day Blog Challenge: Part 8

  1. Hey love, I hope you don’t mind but I was so inspired by your blogging challenge, I decided to do it too!! I linked your blog to my first post announcing the start of mine. xx

    1. Hi there! No worries dear. This challenge is a great way to know ourselves better… hopefully others will take it too 🙂 have a nice day and i will be reading your posts soon.

  2. i used to write poetry back in school. now, working as a programmer, i don’t read poetry (pardon to you and all our blog friends who write them) because i can’t give fair appreciation to it as it requires thinking and i don’t have any other time to think about everything else. lol.

    1. Awww…. sayang naman, if you used to write i am sure the talent is still within you. But at times other things keep up busy. I am such a weirdo because i always selfdate and write poetry, lol.

  3. I thought you are Don Buffalo… now am perplexed about exactly who you are….
    I hope you are the one who loves WHITE and wear WHITE… and paint the walls of your room WHITE 😛

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