Mc and Gen, sail away! ♥

Weddings are one of my favorite events, glad that Gen invited me to witness them exchange their vows before the Lord. The celebration took place at old San Agustin Church inside Intramuros. The Church was stunning in all aspects, I kept looking at the ceiling most of the time 🙂 . Glad they were able to preserve such a historic and sacred place.

The reception was cozy and romantic at the same time. The sailor theme was very lovely to look at and food tasted great. Just by looking at the faces of the guests and my friends, I am very sure they enjoyed watching the newly weds doing all the sweet stuff together. They look so in love together and yes I did wonder… when will I have the chance to walk down the aisle? Haha! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos below.


Editorial Weddingclick here to watch their onsite wedding video

Make Up by Marielle

6 thoughts on “Mc and Gen, sail away! ♥

  1. hmmm.. don’t have too much expectations from marriage..
    It doesn’t turn out to be successful for ALL.. sometimes relations like mine and yours are much healthier 🙂

  2. Wow, you have really lost weight! I see your collarbones in the pic!! 🙂
    If you haven’t lost lbs. then it sure looks like it- you know how crazy it can be fluctuating. I think I’ve actually put ON several lbs. this past month. Grrr. You look SUPER. xo

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