11:54 pm thoughts


For the nth time I told myself that I don’t need coffee in a day. Guess what? I found myself walking down the stairs, boiled some water and tearing with all my glory… the Nescafe 3in1 coffee sachet (Duh! You do need coffee little lady)!

4 days, 4 more days and I will be reborn. Turning 28 I guess has never been this exciting. Some people (especially ladies) will probably be so afraid if they are still single at this lifetime. Funny how some think that a relationship can fulfill their womanhood/manhood. I on the other hand completely disagree with that. A person can only be insanely happy once they have accepted themselves as a whole. And if the forces are with you and you meet ‘the one’, then life must be on your side all along. You see, my point is, being single might hurt but all those pains will be worth it once you see and hear the sparks flying.

People have been asking me over and over why am I still single. I simply answer, “I am not rushing, besides I don’t see fireworks yet” (and prolly it’s a choice). He will enter my life in the most unexpected day and the most unexpexted way. I will know it. My heart and soul will know it, all at once, without a doubt.

Relationships should always mold us into someone or something greater than we used to. They need to shape us to our better selves.

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