About The Moon Garden, coffee and some serious girl talk

Loved this entry to the highest level 🙂 a trip worth remembering. And yes, tears + beers were the best!

It's An Amazing Journey

“Let’s go out somewhere!”

One of us suggested. It could have ended with just being a suggestion except that we all know we needed a break from our jobs, some bugs in our lives, social media, the city and what have you. My friends Jona and Joyce are both travellers. So planning a trip was not as hard when you’re planning it with them. Since we did not want the hassle of going somewhere far, we chose the very loyal Tagaytay – the closest we could get to relaxing. Sure, it’ll be just an hour or two from Manila so off we went.

By the way, did I tell you I planned the itinerary on this trip? And it circled with just one goal – FOOD!

Upon arriving, we checked in at Moon Garden (now called Lily Pond). The place was rustic, serene, awe-inspiring and very photo worthy. We were…

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