Realizations 101

“When the Realization is deep, your whole being is dancing” – Zen saying

1) Change is good most of the time
2) Cutting my own bangs feels safer
3) Nail polish looks ugly after two weeks
4) A good watch is the one that lasts for 5-10 years (battery), that leads me to another realization which is number 5
5) Watches are the perfect gift for any occasion, may it be birthdays, anniversaries or just to surprise your special someone (I guarantee you that)
6) Once you eat an apple, finish it
7) Life is a constant battle between our own angels and devils
8) Sleeping for more than 10 hours is bad and sleeping for less than 3 hours is exhausting
9) The way to get a perfect sexy cute butt is by doing squats daily (dum dum dum)
10) I will always be the crazy one and am happy about it

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