Sundays and Mondays, my so called Weekends

Normally, weekends would be Saturdays and Sundays. Well, not for me since I work Tuesdays to Saturdays and celebrate my rest days on Sundays and Mondays. Yes I used the term celebrate, why? Because it makes them more exciting. Just imagine working on a Tuesday and you are already looking forward to celebrating the rest days. Oh how fun is that??? SUPER FUN right? (Though some days are really stressful and all you need is a sick leave).

So what am I looking forward to this week?

1) Coffee date after Saturday shift with my dearest friends and co-bloggers Dredd and Jona for a quick brainstorming of a special project (shhhhhhhh… I won’t give a hint, hihi).

2) Lazy day since there’s a tropical depression in our country, maybe watching movies with hot chocolates or coffee, with my family and siblings of course!

3) Time of prayer and a few hours with Nueve D, then a time to meet someone 🙂

4) Fix my students license, blog a few stuff and then meet my college friend for dinner.

You see, being happy and time management can be learned. You just have to convince yourself 99% of the time that everything will be alright and the odds will be in your favor (and a positive push should not be forgotten). Of course, there are things that we can’t control but you just have to be careful on how you react to them. Seems I am talking to myself here, lol.

A cute lil’ photo I got from a recent blog I followed 🙂 Inspired Life


Friends, loved ones, have a great weekend!

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