Starbucks + People = Self Realizations


I can’t imagine life without coffee but I can’t imagine life without the people whom I have had coffee moments with. As far as I remember I have never been addicted to Starbucks and it’s ambiance ever since the day my sister became one of their barista. Sitting in a corner at Starbucks Make Room Glorietta while sipping my favorite Mocha Frap (years ago) and people watching was unforgettable.
The connections I have and had with coffee and people deepened as time went by.

College was impossible without coffee. Starbucks Shang and Megamall were the stores I used to visit stores back then. It was one of those moments I treasured the most. Just hanging around with the coolest people, laughing, studying, working on projects… Oh! Those memories were really for keeps. And I passed the nursing board exams just by reviewing at Starbucks Silver City. 😉

Working without Starbucks in hand would be another impossible thing to do. Glad I was able to spend more time with my workmates and know more about them every time we spend hours on coffee dates. Often Starbucks Metro walk kept me company until we moved to the fort area and I met Starbucks Shell and Starbucks Crescent.

Family momentos as you see would be incomplete without coffee too. The only downside was, I got a huge family and usually a minimum of 3 drinks would be charged under my name. But every drink is priceless once shared, and my love for family will always win no matter what. Just seeing them emerged in drinking and laughing makes my world stop and I record every second of it. Makes me glad 🙂 Thanks to Starbucks the Fort Drive Thru and Starbucks SM Taytay.

For moments when I would like to get away from it all, Starbucks Tagaytay would keep me company. Whether the weather was so bad and it’s zero visibility, the comfort I was looking for would be found in this haven.

Lastly, writing poetry without my Iced Cafe Mocha with mint syrup would be impossible. That long wooden table at Crescent store is my current third place. I spent numerous countless self-dates there. Most of the time writing and doodling things out of my brain. Those were the important minutes of life, at times talking to strangers or swimming under my own notions.

You see, it’s not just about a cup of coffee. It about the coffee plus the people we drink coffee with.

To all my family and friends whom I have had coffee dates with, thank you for letting me enter your lives. These words were never enough to explain how I learned from all of you. Hoping in some way, you felt the same too.

Lets share more moments.

5 thoughts on “Starbucks + People = Self Realizations

  1. ” it’s not just about a cup of coffee. It about the coffee plus the people we drink coffee with”
    yesssssssss…. right.. absolutely.. agreed 🙂
    cheers for coffee!

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