To the Man who taught me about real love


How do I start this post without getting teary-eyed? Kinda hard so I will just let it flow. When I talk about my parents, my feelings overflow like a dam full of water. I know we should not question God but I end up however. I ask Him, “Who am I and what I have done to deserve such lovely parents?”. As I grow older and every time I come home during the weekends I find out more and more about the answers. God gave them to me because He knew I can’t survive without them. He knew exactly that Dad and Mom would be the perfect parents who will guide me in this challenge called life. I may have failed you at times because I have this motto of “following my hearts desire” but you always understood 🙂 God gave me both of you so I can grow, inspire and affect people in a positive way.

Daddy, thank you for always treating me as mermaid and for teaching me how to swim. You see, it’s more than that. I can’t imagine all the moments I am connected with the earth by just floating into the water. At times with eyes closed and more often with the stars above the sky. You maybe man of few words when it comes to serious talks but you were so right when you said “Anak, kung kayo talaga, magkakabalikan kayo. Kung hindi, hindi talaga”. I cried endlessly when I heard them from you, somewhat it killed me but those words were raw and pure. I know you don’t want me to feel the hurt and you want to put a band aid on my bleeding heart but still you told me the truth. You were the one who explained it all, ‘that true love fights and at times it will hurt’ .

Please, do not worry so much about me if I’m 28 and still single. That recent line that you dropped on my birthday week “Aba Anak, mag asawa ka, mahirap ang walang kasama sa buhay pagtanda”, made me laugh. I know you want the best for me but time will unfold itself. I want a marriage like mom and yours. Were things can be made calm even under a stormy weather. You will walk me down the aisle… When the time is right.

Thank you Daddy for being the greatest. May God bless you with healthy years ahead. I have so much memories with you stored in this heart of mine. All of them were colorful like the rainbow. We love you so. I love you so. I will always be your beautiful little mermaid. Happy Birthday 🙂

7 thoughts on “To the Man who taught me about real love

  1. Heartfelt and poignant. I almost felt like crying too. Not only because I know how he influenced you, but because above anything else, being a great father takes a lot of strength and courage. And they are very rare. You are one lucky daughter. Happy birthday to your dad 🙂

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