The past and the present


In the darkest of hours
You put your knees up
Hug yourself tight
And get lost in the sea of loneliness

Then again, we are only human
Prone to making mistakes
Prone to fall so easy
Then get hurt like a boomerang

Just remember
Forgive yourself
Let go of all the pains
Push all the worries away

One day,
When you least expect it
The world’s greatness will manifest itself
The darkness you have known will just be a phase

Today, forgive
Tomorrow, love again
Like it’s the first time

4 thoughts on “The past and the present

      1. Doing well, J, thanks! I have no doubt the beach was wonderful. Right now, I’m a little jealous as I’m lying here with my laptop and a back injury. (Ugh.) But I was able to get away on a little mini-vacation reading your posting, as usual. :0) Thanks for sharing your work, as always. xo

      2. Yes it was… Now I’m tanned up again.

        Oh a back injury? Hope it’s not that serious. Happy to hear that I was able to take you somewhere with my post… Hope it’s near happy land 🙂 i missed yah blogger dear.

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