To the woman who taught me about real love


God truly knows our entire being. He knew beforehand who are we gonna need to be with in this lifetime. I’ve said in my previous posts that Life won’t be easy in general. That’s why I am so thankful and blessed to have my Mom beside me all these years.

My mind as you see, is always seeking for adventure and new learnings. Though at times I turn out to make the wrong decisions, she never failed to speak her heart out and tell me things. Things that were true, yeah at times they hurt big time. Some I even consider to be of no value then later gives me the wisdom I need in my daily life.

Mom thank you for never giving up on us, your family. I know that keeping a family so big like ours is one of the greatest challenges. You have been with us through thick and thin and still manage to take us to places we’ve never seen before. Personally, thank you for your words, forgive me for being such a stubborn lady at times, haha! You know those moments!

May the Lord continue to give you great health in the coming years for you will need it. May Mother Mary guide you in every step of the way though there are times the road may seem dark.

You inspire US, the people around you to live better and believe in ourselves. God knows how thankful we are for having you as our Mother. We love and cherish you, Happy Birthday.

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