10 Thoughts


1) I am alive again and I am human. I feed on love and pain at the same time.
2) If some people can’t accept us the way we were and the way we are, let them be. Someone will.
3) Feel the pain, for in it, you are bound to see wonderful things.
4) Blue makes me feel happy where everything is cloud like.
5) I am crazy and I have already asked someone if I can date him.
6) Life is so real, I pinched myself earlier and got hurt but didn’t bleed. Life didn’t kill me which means I am stronger in general.
7) Wait and be patient. In moments of loneliness, wait again and be more patient than ever.
8) The only reason why I have problems is because I over think things which should not be the case.
9) There is time for every thing, if only I will give time to make them happen.
10) If if I fail in what ever I do, I tell myself “Get back up and Move on.”

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