A Letter to A Friend!

A thoughtful post from my dear blogger friend Penny. I just read this at the right moment Penny, thank you so much. I almost feel like giving up for the last 2 weeks. Reading your posts brought me some encouragement.

To all my ladies out there, this is for you too! Read ahead! More love and cheers to women empowerment.

The Why About This

Dear Friend,
There are times, when life seems so very overwhelming, for a compilation of different reasons and we feel we are on overload. The air that we breathe becomes too heavy. Our creativity can become lost inside ourselves when this happens.
The world becomes a little disjointed. It just seems to be too much. So we tend to let go of the one thing that nourishes our personal and individual self. The time we take to be with ourselves.
We women, give and give. Just what we do. We’re nurturers, one of the things we do best! We think on personal goals, but they are in a constant state of flux as the result of life’s challenges and interruptions.
Did you know that inside of you is a mighty strength! (which might not be believed initially but true, none the less). We (all of us) are so much more than we think we are. I love you and…

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