REAL Friends

YOU were amazing tonight, thanks for a great time, though we can’t achieve the Georgina pose and only Jhong can pull it off. Haha!

When I look back at how my relationships with my girl friends here in the Philippines (fondly called Barkada) were, I can’t help but thank God and the world for introducing me to such souls full of wit and humor. Do not get me wrong, we had our downsides as group but I guess the ones who care are the ones who stays no matter what happens.

So many things had happened and at this point I am being mature about relationships and friendships. I am not the type who easily get mad, my patience can be extended to certain heights and though some people take it as advantage, I do not really care as long as I feel sincere in helping them. Today was one of the worst I guess but I need not spill the negative details. What I am just trying to point is, be sure to be there when your friends need you the most, yes friendship can’t and WILL NEVER be counted by how many hours you spent together, BUT always see to it that you TAKE TIME in your busy schedule to squeeze them even just for 2 hours in 365 days. Maybe that wouldn’t hurt.

So to all my ladies out there, make sure you spend some real good quality time with your chikas and do not revolve yourself to only one person.

6 thoughts on “REAL Friends

  1. If the time comes when I’ll finally be in a relationship, I promise to stay and spend some time with you guys. Afterall, you haven’t left me alone in the last ten years of my singleness. Haha . If it not for yall I’ll probably be a miserable old hag by now. Friendship is not just being there when you need each other.. it is how you spend time even at the most random and neutral times.. and still be happy. In each others’ company. Thay is how yall are to me. I love you all ♥♥♥♥

    1. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our barkada… we have really grown as sisters. Imagine all those special moments and rare occassions of sadness na tayo tayo din ang sumasalo sa isat isa. I love you all din 🙂 thanks ghel for always being there. Amg mature na natin. Haha!

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