Who knew I was a Social Climber?

Update: As of November 2, 2013… once you click on the link below, it says “URL cannot be found”.
Fullscreen capture 10312013 44035 AM

Click on the photo above. Now you see? I am a social climber! Made me laugh out so hard. I am so sorry if I was not able to update my blog recently (maybe because I am busy social-climbing, lol!)

So here’s the case, I was on a coffee date with my girls and I got this message from a friend who asked me if I came across this site. The answer was simply “no”, the first time I read this was today also and my first reaction was “Oh another blog hater”. Then when I deep dived into it, I was totally wrong. It’s more than a blog hater. I got a fan, follower and lover! NOTHING AND NO ONE CAN EVER KILL MY POSITIVITY! Haha! To my dearest friend Alex, I am so sorry you were included in this non sense stuff but I assure you, we are getting famous day by day. Soon, we will have our star near Bob Marley’s name 🙂 I mean no harm when I posted this entry ages ago… that led me to think… was this prolly the same person who hated my grammar before?

Fullscreen capture 9242012 35134 PM.bmp

If she/he is one person, now that feels a bit creepy. Seems like she/he has been following my every move since September.

To my other dear friends who came across this site, messaged me and took time to ask if I am okay, Thank You from the deepest of my vain and pink heart. I am truly grateful for your concern, and yes I am doing good but real busy since I got a lot of things to do. Do not worry about me because I know for a fact that I am not a Social Climber, I am/and:

1.) A proud owner of fake Louis Vuitton and Coach bags (they are really adorable and I do not buy branded bags)

2) A proud owner of fake Raybans (cutest ever)

3.) A proud endorser of the fab collection from Uk-Uk (branded clothes are really not my type, as long as it’s animalistic I will go for it)

4.) I have certain love of trying foods and drinks, including Jamba Juice 🙂

5.) I eat stress for dessert and you can’t beat my positive soul, I know I am not stepping on anyone

To the owner of The Social Climber, I know you just wanted to help, well we are both getting a lot of blog traffic from each other so we can call it quits. Karma is digital.

To the person who submitted my photo, I know you are following me on Instagram, Twitter, and my other social networking sites. Well then, Thank You 🙂 You are as bright as a Star, my number one fan. I am hoping to meet you soon, maybe at Starbucks where I usually socialize. Maybe that will start a new chapter, and who knows we might click and you might be one of my close friends, have a pajama party with selfies and nail polish nights.

For the mean time, I am gonna be busy again being… Digitally rich. Digitally famous. Digitally beautiful. Annoying and pretentious in real life. – thanks for watching over me, now I have a Digital Fairy God Mother 🙂

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