Sleep deprived in a great way

bed time


For the past three or four months, things have been uber busy as I have mentioned in my last post. One thing after another keeps over lapping and yep, some things that we can’t control. Since the holidays are fast approaching my sleep deprivation will continue (this time I am not guessing, I am stating). Getting a 10 hour sleep in a day will always be a talent. I had that before and I loved it, then my insomnia-tic ways surfaced again. Main reason is my travel time from home to work is roughly 2 hours and vice versa. So in a day, that’s minus 4 hours of sleep already for me compared to my 15 minutes travel time when I was staying at my grand mother’s house. You may ask me, do I regret it? Moving back to my parents house? Nope, I don’t I just miss my “Inang” at times. Then I got a new job function, which I enjoy a lot, but there are times I have to extend which is okay with me. Lastly, my coffee addiction turned into endless Starbucks momentos with all the special people. Before I would only drop into my fave store after or before my shift starts, now it’s both. Pre-shift coffee for my self-dates, US girls cocol time (mostly Fridays) and realization time. Post-shift coffee dedicated to my beloved friends, non-stop laughing and shedding our hearts out. Weekends are jammed packed because we have special guests, my relatives from Germany are here and we make sure to spend most of our time together if we can. So far so good, we had a lot of quality time together for the past weeks.

The other night, I had a chance to sleep for 8 hours and that was the closest I can get from my past 10 hour sleep routine. I opened my eyes, gave thanks to the Lord, for a happy day ahead, the pool of happiness is waiting for me. Am always ready to swim 🙂 Changes as they say, will always be good.


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