SuperIstar is out dreaming

photo not mine

Long time no write. Yes, that’s what I told myself. So where was I? Out dreaming! Lol! Seriously!!! I have been under the spells of fever and it’s no help now that summer is at its peak here in the Philippines. You can really get a tan even just by walking outside. I AM NOT JOKING.

So let’s go back to ‘dreaming’ before I start talking non sense. I am not really sure whether it’s my sickness that caused me to dream a lot. I know our dreams our numerous per night but I can recall my dreams. Is it me that’s weird? Or is it my mind and body? I saw Dubai, pork chops and Xave (my boyfriend, yes, I have one now) in my dream but in a different way. I remember seeing the skyscrapers of the Dubai, wanting to eat pork chops and Xave getting mad at me because he was not able to answer to a phone call because I was talking non-stop. Hmmm… so even in my dreams I can’t stop talking. Should I be scared now? Or I was talking non-stop there because in real life my throat hurts and I can’t speak well.

Although I am still assessing what these dreams could mean, it has a good effect. It made me write again. Just in time because I really miss my WordPress world and everyone in it. Have a happy weekend loves! I hope everyone is doing well 🙂

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