10 Things about Love and Marriage

The Durr Durrs at Puerto Galera (January 2015) photo taken by Ivan Cabales

Someone said to me “Marriage is hard, you have to work on it”. I didn’t actually reflected on that since at the time I was single and carefree. Now that I wear a ring on my finger, it’s all different.

My husband and I have not celebrated our first wedding anniversary yet but I am learning a lot of things. So far here’s my Top 10:

1. Love is a magical thing and one should be happy when he/she finds it.

2. One must pray that Love stays.

3. Choosing “sleep” over “let’s talk about it” is not a good thing. You will feel worse the next day when you wake up.

4. There is no turning back when you say “Yes, I am ready and I want to marry!”.

5. Both must be brave enough to jump over their comfort zone.

6. “I” simply turns into “We”, no explanation needed.

7. Couples must spend time apart, like jogging together but different routes to have some cool space in between.

8. Eat and be merry.

9. Forgive.

10. Love daily and have 10 – 20 minutes of cuddle time together. Please no phones during cuddling/sharing time!

5 thoughts on “10 Things about Love and Marriage

  1. Weee Congratulations!!! Me and my ex-gf were together for a long time, and it was a lot of work. I’m sure marriage is way even more. I like #8. #10… nah… I was so relieved that she’s not the cuddly type like I am. 😀 😉 Weebee!!!

      1. Number 8 one of the best things in life! Haha! And may I add, according to a psych book/mag that I’ve read before, it’s best if you eat side by side compared to eating face to face. They said communication is easier that way, that’s why couples should do it often. ^^

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