I can cook (ehem ehem)

Eating would always be part of one’s lifestyle. Pretty much, I have decided (in my own world) that eating and/or trying different kinds of food would top all of my hobbies in real life.

Do not get me wrong, I am not a chef, far to be one. I am not a lifestyle host though I really want that. I am not a food blogger since like my sister, my qualifications would put me at the end of the list since almost anything I eat tastes great! Maybe there is something wrong with my tastebuds but I’m not sure what. 😉

My family and friends are well aware that I don’t cook much. Cooking, for me is on the north pole while ‘eating’ I’d say is like the ‘tropics’ where I’d gladly stay at. So why did I start cooking? One simple reason: I got married.

Suddenly it dawned on me that cooking is a skill that must be learned, capitalize the MUST. I am sure the ladies out there prefers their husbands to sit at the table and have them savor the well-prepared-cooked-food-where-you-exhausted-all-your-energy-hoping-and-praying-it-turns-out-to-the-yummiest-thing-he-ever-tasted. That must be too much but yeah, hearing someone say that “ang sarap ng luto mo” (your cooking tastes great) is like heaven!

So I say ladies! Cook and be merry like me. I still have a lot to learn but when I say I CAN, I CAN.


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