Sisterhood of the Traveling Bikinis

College, what do I remember? Hmm… of course, syringe, IV transfusions, some bone parts and a lil’ bit of anatomy. But mostly, I remember singing songs on the hallway, not sleeping until we finish endless reports, partying until dawn after the finals and having a great time with these promising nurses of the future.

What does a weekend of four ladies, all energy driven and passion seekers hold? Read along!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (1) First time to travel by boat going to Nagsasa Cove during nighttime. Though I am a good swimmer, I was kinda afraid at first since we are braving an open sea. But when the boat ride started, I knew it would be a safe one. The water was calm and inviting, thousands of stars twinkle in the sky and it was a great sight.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (2) After an hour and a half (travel time depends on how calm the sea is) we finally hit the shores. Since it was dark, I wasn’t able to appreciate the place as a whole, all I know was that I felt at home. The sands on my feet felt perfect. As you can see, we pitched our one and only tent, arranged our groceries and played cards before going to sleep.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (3) Morning came, another miracle given by God! This was the morning I thanked Him not only for the life He has given us but also for his wonderful creations. Waking up to this scenery was fantastic and oh so ‘mood motivator’. I will introduce my friends one by one as I go along, here we are, dancing to some songs for our morning exercise.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (5) So this photo shows how much I love rock formations, lol!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (6) After some time we decided it’s best to swim and experience the water.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (7) I just finished making “enseladang mangga” and they were all busy with their respective duties. Mona and Lyza cooking something and Kai, not so sure what she was up to at this time, haha!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (8) Afternoon came, perfect time to shoot some solos. I have read somewhere that photographers wait for this time of day just to get the perfect kind of light. Hope we got that kind of ‘light’ they were pertaining to.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (9) Kai being the model of the group had an idea about being submerged into the water. We came up with these shots. All photos were taken using a point and shoot digital camera, I say they were great shots! 🙂

Nagsasa Cove Trip (10) One problem, my blood temperature has always been hot, a lot of times people have mistaken me to be sick but it’s just normal I say. Being hot-tempered (blood only) mosquitoes love me. I ended up having 9 big bites… not so good. 😦

Nagsasa Cove Trip (11) My favorite shot among all! Always wanted to be Ariel of The Little Mermaid, this was the closest I got! Haha!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (12)

And of course I needed a head shot! Thanks Mona for this one. 🙂

Nagsasa Cove Trip (13) Thanks to our sponsor Nivea, summer would not be same without you.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (14) Now it’s time to share some things about the people behind this happy event. Everyone, meet my friends, Mona, Lyza and Kai. All happy, single but we can’t escape some personal issues. I’m gonna keep them private (wink wink).

Nagsasa Cove Trip (15) Lyza, she currently works as a nurse abroad. If you don’t know her and she doesn’t smile at you, you might label her as a snob. Why? She has this almond piercing eyes that can look straight at you. But once you get to know her, you know she’s one of them ladies who knows how to have fun and keep it real.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (16) Sunsets remind us of another great day that we need to reflect on. Be thankful!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (17) Lyza and mine, the sand though grayish was as soft as Boracay. Just add up some twigs in it since the whole place of Nagsasa is covered by high pine trees.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (18) Trees, moon and mountains

Nagsasa Cove Trip (19) My three models!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (20) Reflection

Nagsasa Cove Trip (21) Kai, yes physically sexy and very good at dancing. When you talk about girl power, she’s one lady you can bet on. Not only does she photograph well, she knows how to model for real. Guess our love for great photos is our common denominator. She looks real pretty on the outside but oh so tough on the inside. Experiences make us independent at some point, like her case. I admire her for being frank most of the time and she knows it.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (22)Silhouette and friends

Nagsasa Cove Trip (23) Orangey horizon

Nagsasa Cove Trip (24) Now it’s time to finish what they started. I got to be a barista for a night! Yipee! Special thanks to Lyza for my coffees, she knows I can’t live without them. She placed so much efforts into these coffee of mine, it’s not a joke on how to boil water when you are on a camp site.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (25) Uno cards night! Uber fun! Sorry Mona if we asked you toooooooo many personal questions. 🙂

Nagsasa Cove Trip (26) Lyza bought some lanterns, so we wrote our wishes on them.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (27)And let them fly so high!!!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (28) Last morning before we head home, this was how our cottage looked like. Full of bikinis!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (29) (1)Save the best for the last? We have Mona, a lady who also live under books. We both love reading like religion. She also has this crafty side of her that I love so much. She borrowed my book one time and this was what I got in return. Emotions keep her real and she holds dear all the people around her.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (29)Notice how far we were from the shore?

Nagsasa Cove Trip (30) Just another narcissistic shot of the day

Nagsasa Cove Trip (31) My epic pose plus lovely girls!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (32) Thank you Nagsasa Cove, will be sure to come back. For those residing in the Philippines or anyone who wants to pay a visit, I have a good bangkero contact. Just email me and I will give you their number. Support local tourism!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (33)All travels come to an end, but it would be the experience that will never leave us. At the end of it all, it will make us better. Thank you Mona for calling me Aster, Kai for calling me Twinkle and Lyza for simply calling me Joyce 🙂 You know how I love each one of you, hopefully we will never lose our yearly tradition, travels and bikinis!

“Maybe the truth is there’s a little bit of loser in all of us you know, being happy isn’t having everything in your life being perfect. Maybe it’s about stringing together all the little things. Making those count more then the bad stuff. Maybe we just get through it and that’s all we can ask for.” 
― Ann Brashares, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Friends, Fun, Fringes at Boracay Part 2

Continuation of Part 1

Last day and night so we need to make the most out of it. Gen and I just stayed at the beach area while the rest of the girls went out for their para sailing adventure. Nag papaka beach bum lang ang peg namin dalawa. No wonder din, we were the darkest after the trip.
Batch 2 Boracay (1)Gen with a book in hand 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (2)My frizzy dried hair while seating at a beach chair. I kinda loved it, walang suklay suklay pag ka gising, beach agad agad.

Batch 2 Boracay (3)Feeling ko siya din yung same jogger na nakita namin yesterday. Wow! Fitness to the max si ate!

Batch 2 Boracay (4)Drums and heartbeat ♥

Batch 2 Boracay (5)A lady missing and calling someone 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (6) Gen, after her early morning swim.

Batch 2 Boracay (7)Feet up! ♥

Boracay part 2As she said “Being sexy is more of an attitude” :)♥ Always has been! Love your body shape no matter what, being too skinny is not that “in” anyway 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (8) Sand angel! I look flushed na dito,swimming lang ng swimming hanggat may dagat. Thanks Jude and Anna dahil pinag trippan niyo ng sapat ang bangus belly ko, puro sand tuloy, haha!

Batch 2 Boracay (9) Exchanging stories and photos while sun bathing.

Batch 2 Boracay (10)I offer sand scrub for free 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (11)Sand bathing while the rest sun bathes 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (12) More beach mode lang ang peg namin for the last day.

Batch 2 Boracay (13) All smiles ♥

Batch 2 Boracay (14) Cuteness!

Batch 2 Boracay (15) Totoong nakakain si Jude ng sand, ano kaya lasa? Maalat na magaspang? haha 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (16) Surprise surprise, pizza and pasta from Yellowcab for the birthday girls! We wish you more fun in life and more more more sun! 🙂 – Amie, Gen, Joycey.

Batch 2 Boracay (17)Nalipasan ata kami ng gutom, we were not able to to finish our pizza 😦

Batch 2 Boracay (18)Girls just wanna have fun!

Batch 2 Boracay (19) Now I am all tanned up, pinay na pinay lang ang dating. Thank you sun!

Batch 2 Boracay (20)Thank to Kuya for taking a photo of us, minsanan lang kami ma complete sa photo, hirap ng walang tripod. It is a must sa next travel.

Batch 2 Boracay (21)“Kuya isa pa, this side naman” 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (22) Amie, Gen, Jude, Hilds and Anna, thank you girls for this wonderful and awesome trip. I cannot find the correct adjective or word to really describe it, but it was one of the FUNnest experience ever!

Batch 2 Boracay (23) Boracay sunsets never look the same but all of them are beyond beautiful.

Batch 2 Boracay (24) Loving my shirt in fringes!

Batch 2 Boracay (25) After a few walk and a short tricycle ride, we reached ‘D Talipapa’ where you can eat a lot of seafoods, buy souvenirs and get to know local folks.

Batch 2 Boracay (26) Amie shopping some stuff.

Batch 2 Boracay (27)Wooden keychain souvenirs, 4 for 100 pesos. You just need to choose 4 designs and Kuya will write down the names you want. He uses acrylic paints and he hand crafts them one by one. I can imagine the patience, look how fine the details were. Truly artsy!

Batch 2 Boracay (28)Real hands make real art.
Batch 2 Boracay (29) Cute little rastas!

Batch 2 Boracay (30) These bags are love ♥

Batch 2 Boracay (32) Walking back, I came across this shop. Too bad all my soaking up time were over, this can be so cute without slippers!

Batch 2 Boracay (33) Look at that! Weeeeee!

Batch 2 Boracay (34) So many things you can see here, good to take a lot of photos, everyone is busy about something, food, art, beach, music! Oh it is haven!

Batch 2 Boracay (35) After a few minutes of deciding when to eat, we finally chose this buffet. Not bad for the price, sulit lang 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (36) Food galore

Batch 2 Boracay (37) Our tables looked okay pa dito, wala pa masyadong kalat, haha.

Batch 2 Boracay (38) Dinner plate, ang cute ng shells!

Batch 2 Boracay (39) But when the sea food arrived, it all started to get messy, haha! Sea Food atrack na!

Batch 2 Boracay (40)Looks like we have a sea food eating contest, ang sarap ng crabs, medyo mali liit nga lang, pero keri na…

Batch 2 Boracay (41)..madami naman sila, unlimited crabs ba kamo?

Batch 2 Boracay (42)Heaven na heaven lang

Batch 2 Boracay (43) Crabs made us really happy 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (44) So as our table, haha! Burp!

Batch 2 Boracay (45) After dinner, Hilds and Gen went back to our place while the rest walked up to Boom Boom Bar. This bar is famous for its reggae rhythm. Perfect place to hang out for the last night. Above is Ferns Tosco who wrote the song “Island called Boracay” nice song, please take time to listen to it, let’s support OPM.

Batch 2 Boracay (46)Shake for me and a drink for Jude

Batch 2 Boracay (47)My fave set, Marvin really looks like Bob Marley 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (48)

While singing “Bad day”, well, it’s not bad at all when you hear him sing ♫

Thanks to the following people: Bianca for her SLR, Jambi and Ghel for lending me their swimsuits, drop_n_shop for the affordable shades and Mad For Fashion fringe tops.

Friends, Fun, Fringes at Boracay Part 1

Let’s do this the Taglish (tagalog-english) way 🙂 Ang dami dami kong gustong sabihin about this trip of ours, hopefully wala akong makalimutan. I can say that this trip was priceless and more than that. Up to now, pag naiisip ko kung ano ang mga nangyari, napapatawa pa din ako ng sobra. Alam mo yung kahit mag isa ka lang, you still kept on laughing your ass out? Haha! Yes ganon ang effect ng trip nato sakin.

I have been to Boracay only once, that was year 2007 when I graduated from college. I had a blast on my first trip, masaya din kasi ang mga taong kasama ko nun. Iba talaga pag “cool” ang friends mo at walang ‘kill joy’ kumbaga. So, let’s start this!

Batch 1 Boracay (1)

This is my friend Gen Tungala, siya ang leader ng trip na ito. I still remember, nag kagulo na lang kami bigla nung nakita naming may seat sale sa Cebu Pacific. Syempre, book agad kami flight papunta (thank you Anna Reyes sa iyong plastic card na laging maasahan) Good thing may nakita naman kaming flight pabalik, through Air Phil nga lang 🙂

Batch 1 Boracay (2)

Ang balingkinitan na babaeng ito ay walang iba kundi si Ami Cenina at ng aming leader na si Gen. Amie exudes the true beauty of a Filipina. She is my plane mate and during our short conversation, I learned more things about her. I told her before that she is one of the prettiest faces I have seen here in the country when she became my Monita sa Christmas Party namin last December. That’s true, and all our friends would agree. She’s the type of girl that you can label “Graced still even under pressure”.

Batch 1 Boracay (3) A couple having a pictorial while the tide is still low.

Batch 1 Boracay (4)My friend Bianca was so kind, pinahiram pa niya ako ng SLR niya. So needless to say, ako ang naging official photographer, which I enjoyed!I Boracay as a whole will always be a fun subject, add mo pa ang mga COOL people na ito. From left to right, Ami Cenina, Jude Sosa, Hilda Villegas, Anna Reyes and Gen Tungala, they are the ones who made this trip memorable.

Batch 1 Boracay (5) Oh diba? full of buhangin lang ang peg ni Hilds at Jude? Ganung kasarap mag swim dito. Walang sawang swimming!

Batch 1 Boracay (6) Since I can’t take photos of myself sa beach, eto ang pic ko. DYI lang yan, fringed tops na perfect for summer. Napanood ko sa Youtube at hayun, a weekend before this trip, nagulat na lang ang nanay ko at mga kapatid ko, na halos lahat na lang ng damit ko eh ginugupit ko na. Malamang walang maniniwala sakin kung sabihin ko na hindi ako nag shop before this trip, haha, so yes, I did buy a few clothes and shades online. But I know I needed to somehow save para sa nalalapit kong kaarawan.

Batch 1 Boracay (7) Pretty faces by the beach 🙂 I know I already introduced Gen and Amie. I still got three left, lower portion (left to right) 🙂 Christine Sosa, we fondly call her Jude is a person who can light up any crowd. Pede na kaming tandem ng comedy bar actually, wala ng tatalo pa sa mga pick up lines niya! At kung ma malungkot ka, kausapin mo lang siya, siguradong sasaya ka.

Hilda Villegas, the stranger in my life, haha, pero naging friends na kami this year 2013. Haha! We had a lot of solo dates na, most of the time, puro kainan! I was with her on Christmas eve, she knows me well I guess even in a short span of time.

Anna Reyes, mas gala pa sakin ang batang ito, I tell you! Talaga naman nangongolekta ng Starbucks tumbler with the names of the country in it. Tama yan, Travel while you are young and full of energy, para pag tanda puro back track na lang ng events 🙂

Hopefully, hindi magalit ang cast ng Boracay trip dahil may short introduction pa ako for them, haha!

Batch 1 Boracay (8) Nakikiupo lang po sa magarang upuan, sa Station 2 lang kami nag stay. I know the resorts at Station 1 are the finest, pero sa dinami dami ng planned travels nitong mga kasama ko, kelangan mag tipid. Besides, kahit ako, ayokong gumastos ng malaki. Hindi naman kami mag s-stay ng matagal sa Hotel dahil bawal mag pahinga sa Boracay. Larga lang ng larga, beach bum ‘don, kain dito at lakad kung saan saan. So why rent an expensive place? (Saka na siguro pag honeymoon ko na, haha).

Batch 1 Boracay (9)The walking game, matira matibay! At mukhang ako ang natira. May nunal kasi ako sa paa, and my mom told me, yan ang reason kung bat ka gala! 🙂 Thanks mom, appreciate it!

Batch 1 Boracay (10) I caught her on an early Yoga, gusto ko sanang maki pose kay ate, kaso ang layo ko sa mga friends ko para mag ask ng favor na i take nila ako ng photo ala yoga.

Batch 1 Boracay (11) Sa susunod na buhay, I will have that kind of bod, ngayon, kakain muna ako ng kakain. Kaw na mag jog sa Boracay, sosyal!

Batch 1 Boracay (12) Ohhhhhhh! coconut trees! Wait for our exclusive video, haha! exclusive talaga? of course!

Batch 1 Boracay (13) Who wouldn’t want to experience the powdery white sand of Boracay over and over again?

Batch 1 Boracay (14) February na, no it’s not only love month, Summer na din!!!

Batch 1 Boracay (15) Jude and her blissful moment. Chill lang ang peg.

Batch 1 Boracay (16)Sexiness on the beach!

Batch 1 Boracay (17) Good thing tumawa si Anna, caught on cam ka! Effort less lang oh!

Batch 1 Boracay (18)

Huwag kayong mag alala… haha, eto na ang solo ko! Dahil sa aking tuluyang pagtaba, kelangan ko ng mga pose na makapag tatago ng aking love handles. Bet niyo ba ang pag higa ko sa sand. San ka pa? with matching reflection yan. (I know I know, natural lang talaga akong maarte, pagbigyan niyo na ako, please!, haha).

Batch 1 Boracay (19) Best fruit shake ba kamo? Jonah’s na!

Batch 1 Boracay (20)More to come! haha, sorry wala kasi akong sawang mag pose (big thanks to Amie and Gen for the support)  Lalaban ka ba sa Bob Marley shirt ko?

Batch 1 Boracay (21) Eh ang saya ko lang diba?

Batch 1 Boracay (22) Pero mas masaya sakin si Gen, obvious naman eh! 🙂

Batch 1 Boracay (23) While waiting for their orders, pictorial muna.

Batch 1 Boracay (24)What a scenery! beach umbrella!

Batch 1 Boracay (25) Breakfast at Amie’s

Batch 1 Boracay (26) Habang busy ako sa pag langoy with Gen and Jude, eto naman ang pinagkakaabalahan nila. Mag jump shot ng walang humpay.

Batch 1 Boracay (27) Oh isa pa! May masakit pang nararamdaman si Hilds niyan ha, pero naka jump shot pa din? 🙂 You already!

Batch 1 Boracay (28)Feeling ko isa akong lumpia, kaya bet ko ang mag roll sa sands ng walang sawa. Eto ang kinalabasan ko. Isang tustadong lumpia na feeling maputi dahil sa puting buhagin.

Batch 1 Boracay (29) Sabi ko naman sa inyo, sobrang saya ko pag asa beach ako, nothing compares to the feeling of the sand on your feet, the wind on your hair and the sun on your face.

Batch 1 Boracay (30)Kung ang lahat eh busy sa pag jujump shot, eto ang signature pose ko sa mga beach. 🙂 Baliktarin mo mang ang mundo, masaya pa din!

Batch 1 Boracay (31) Be happy! Bawal ang sad sa Boracay, may multa!

Batch 1 Boracay (32) Sa malayo, tinatawag ako ng pole na ito. Hindi namin alam, Lifeguard pole pala. Kala mo naman pag aari namin kung maka pose kami. Buti na lang mabait si manong lifeguard at hinayaan lang niya kami.

Batch 1 Boracay (33) Pumo pose pa eh, haha!

Batch 1 Boracay (34) Beach happy!

Batch 1 Boracay (35)Crazy friend of mine and her crazy pose. 🙂

Batch 1 Boracay (36)Talk about body symmetry? She owned it!

Batch 1 Boracay (37) Kelangan laging nakataas ang braso at kamay ko, kung hindi… mukha akong palo palo sa tabi ni Anna, ke payat naman kasi ng batang ito! 🙂

Batch 1 Boracay (38) At anong masasabi mo sa blogger pose niya?

Batch 1 Boracay (39) Family time, the kid is soooooo cute!

Batch 1 Boracay (40) Hair flip? prettyness lang oh!

Batch 1 Boracay (41)Gen, the life saver.

Batch 1 Boracay (42) Another family shot…

Batch 1 Boracay (43) … and another one.

Batch 1 Boracay (44) Cross above

Batch 1 Boracay (45) Feeling like Friday!

Batch 1 Boracay (46) Ang hirap mamili ng letra ha! lol!

Batch 1 Boracay (47) Since sa D kasya ang buong katawan ko, dito na lang ako.

Batch 1 Boracay (48) A for Amie ♥

Batch 1 Boracay (49) Chill chill lang sa sand.

Batch 1 Boracay (51) My view above.

Batch 1 Boracay (52) View below.

Batch 1 Boracay (53)Ang maitim kong paa 🙂

Batch 1 Boracay (54) Sunsets at Boracay never fail to amaze one’s soul.

Batch 1 Boracay (55) At pag katapos ng aming nakakapagod na pag lalakad, pag swi-swimming ng walang humpay, oras na para mag hanap ng makakain.

Batch 1 Boracay (56) As we walk through Station 2 and 3, I got caught up with the lights. Iba’t ibang lights, restaurants, bars, stores and all that. Night life in here is so alive, countless things to do, have a henna or a real tattoo. Braids? Check! Fire zippers, countless! Shopping, endless!

Batch 1 Boracay (57) Nice lanterns and pretty ladies.

Batch 1 Boracay (58) Batch 1 Boracay (59) Batch 1 Boracay (60) Batch 1 Boracay (61) Batch 1 Boracay (62) Batch 1 Boracay (63) Batch 1 Boracay (64) Batch 1 Boracay (65) Batch 1 Boracay (66) Batch 1 Boracay (67) Batch 1 Boracay (68) Nakalibre pa ng photo sa sand castles 🙂

Batch 1 Boracay (69) Batch 1 Boracay (70) Batch 1 Boracay (71) Sobrang daming buffet, we can’t choose kung saan ba talaga kami kakain.This one looks enticing pero ang mahal 😦 Buti sana kung mga lalaki kami, sulit na sulit siguro to.

Batch 1 Boracay (72) Batch 1 Boracay (73) Batch 1 Boracay (74) Lobster and seafood madness!

Batch 1 Boracay (76) Batch 1 Boracay (77) This is how you eat balot, with a smile.

Batch 1 Boracay (78)After dinner, it’s time to walk the other way, papunta ng Station 1 para mag hanap ng bar at gumimik. Fave part of the night! I can’t remember the last time I partied!

Batch 1 Boracay (79) Fire zippers 🙂

Batch 1 Boracay (80) Batch 1 Boracay (81)This time, hindi na free, you have to give a donation to have a photo taken here. Which is fine, group shot naman kasi.

Batch 1 Boracay (82)Wearing another fringe shirt from Mad For Fashion Online Shop.

Batch 1 Boracay (83) Batch 1 Boracay (84)We settled for Club Paraw, hmmm, same bar that I have been to way back 2007.

Batch 1 Boracay (85)Sucess ang smoky eyes effect ko sa kanila except for Hilds kasi allergic siya sa make up. They all look so pretty! Love putting make up on girls, feeling make-up artist lang? haha!

Batch 1 Boracay (86)The birthday celebrants, getting ready to party???

Batch 1 Boracay (87)Cheers!

Batch 1 Boracay (88) Margaritas and Iced tea’s (hindi natupad ang piña colada ko, valid naman ang reason).

Batch 1 Boracay (89) Amie and her margarita.

Batch 1 Boracay (90)Let’s start the party!

Batch 1 Boracay (92)Dancing the night away 🙂

Batch 1 Boracay (93)Medyo malayo kami sa stage so I opted to clear out the tables and make our own space.  Asa isang sulok lang kasi kami but that wouldn’t stop us from partying all night.

Batch 1 Boracay (94) Soon, we have our own crowd. We met a few good people, Rebecca, Carlo and Neil. Ganyan kasaya ang circle namin 🙂

Batch 1 Boracay (95) Batch 1 Boracay (96) Hindi talaga ako umuupo, bawal yun, haha!

Batch 1 Boracay (97)This is where I laugh the most! Nakilala namin ang One Direction sa Boracay! LOL! Isa na lang ang kulang kumpleto na sila.

Batch 1 Boracay (98)“Baby you light up my world like nobody else”

Batch 1 Boracay (99) Ehem… memories will last forever 🙂

Batch 1 Boracay (100)Flying kiss with the lights on! Oh bliss!

Batch 1 Boracay (101) Fire away, fire away!

Batch 1 Boracay (102) Batch 1 Boracay (103) Amie and Niel

Batch 1 Boracay (104) Last photo and I was on chairs already 🙂 Let’s call it a night shall we?

Batch 1 Boracay (105) This is Marvin, yeah, being a super fan of Bob Marley, I have a thing with dreads!

Batch 1 Boracay (106)

It was a fun filled day and night. My cheeks were slightly burned but I didn’t care. Now it’s time to sleep for a few hours, like 2 hours! And another day awaits!



After a three straight days of being under the sun
My skin feels so hot like the freshly toasted buns

The once white and smooth skin
Turned into tan, far from being satin

Now it’s peeling and my skin feels stretched from within
More like my soul is being renewed from all that has been