My New Blog: Where is IamSuperIstar?

Hi Dear Readers,

Kindly visit the new blog that I created today 🙂

The new one is as special as this one where I have made numerous friends all over the globe, however, I badly need a fresh start to create a brighter and a more effective blog.

Happy 2016 and I am wishing you all the joy wherever you go. – Joycey

3rd and a lifetime with WordPress


July 6, 2014 Sunday Morning.

I opened my eyes, checked my phone and this was the first notification that I received. Surprise surprise! At first I didn’t know how to react, whether to jump for joy or cry myself early in the morn. Seriously?! I believe in the latter. Somewhat I felt heartbroken and guilty as hell for not keeping up with this blog as regular as possible. Where am I? I am still here and I didn’t travel anywhere far (like Europe or something, duh!). So why why why didn’t I make time for this? Then there’s the famous line of “I am busy with life”.

So there I was, a silly heartbroken blogger and the main reason was my lousy excuse of being so “busy”. Well, who is not busy anyway? Everyone is, and I think it’s just a matter of putting your heart and soul into that one thing that you always love to do. (I failed big time!)

Now I am tired of my useless excuse. I am going back to blogging. It may be hard, but an entry once a week should be fine. I will ask my soon to be husband to bug me on writing, lol. Yes, you read it right, I am going to change my last name soon. 🙂

Happy Anniversary to my beloved blog, IamSuperIstar. Thank you to all the followers and readers. Let’s keep rocking and blogging!

7th blog award and yes I am versatile!

Big thanks to Jona, owner of My Stormless Sky blog for this award. I have to apologize if I was not able to respond as soon as you have given me this award. Yes, everything has been busy, like a whirlwind romance but I’m back.


So without further ado, here are 7 facts about me:

1.) I am addicted to cleaning my room, it has become one of my weekend habits.

2.) My love for indie english or non-english (with english translations of course) is doubling-up. If you have any suggestions, please don’t be shy to place the details at the comment box below 🙂

3.) I collect handwritten letters.

4.) When I feel down, I love reading quotes. No specific authors or subjects, I just read until I feel I am fed up with all the optimism that I need.

5.) I find Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry very entertaining, maybe because I am weird too and I can relate to them.

6.) Starbucks Iced Tea with Mint syrup for me is the perfect choice if you want something to kick off your day aside from coffee.

7.) I miss my blog, like a millionth fold.

Now it’s time to pass the award, sorry if I only got 5 bloggers at this time. Always remember you are versatile!

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Who knew I was a Social Climber?

Update: As of November 2, 2013… once you click on the link below, it says “URL cannot be found”.
Fullscreen capture 10312013 44035 AM

Click on the photo above. Now you see? I am a social climber! Made me laugh out so hard. I am so sorry if I was not able to update my blog recently (maybe because I am busy social-climbing, lol!)

So here’s the case, I was on a coffee date with my girls and I got this message from a friend who asked me if I came across this site. The answer was simply “no”, the first time I read this was today also and my first reaction was “Oh another blog hater”. Then when I deep dived into it, I was totally wrong. It’s more than a blog hater. I got a fan, follower and lover! NOTHING AND NO ONE CAN EVER KILL MY POSITIVITY! Haha! To my dearest friend Alex, I am so sorry you were included in this non sense stuff but I assure you, we are getting famous day by day. Soon, we will have our star near Bob Marley’s name 🙂 I mean no harm when I posted this entry ages ago… that led me to think… was this prolly the same person who hated my grammar before?

Fullscreen capture 9242012 35134 PM.bmp

If she/he is one person, now that feels a bit creepy. Seems like she/he has been following my every move since September.

To my other dear friends who came across this site, messaged me and took time to ask if I am okay, Thank You from the deepest of my vain and pink heart. I am truly grateful for your concern, and yes I am doing good but real busy since I got a lot of things to do. Do not worry about me because I know for a fact that I am not a Social Climber, I am/and:

1.) A proud owner of fake Louis Vuitton and Coach bags (they are really adorable and I do not buy branded bags)

2) A proud owner of fake Raybans (cutest ever)

3.) A proud endorser of the fab collection from Uk-Uk (branded clothes are really not my type, as long as it’s animalistic I will go for it)

4.) I have certain love of trying foods and drinks, including Jamba Juice 🙂

5.) I eat stress for dessert and you can’t beat my positive soul, I know I am not stepping on anyone

To the owner of The Social Climber, I know you just wanted to help, well we are both getting a lot of blog traffic from each other so we can call it quits. Karma is digital.

To the person who submitted my photo, I know you are following me on Instagram, Twitter, and my other social networking sites. Well then, Thank You 🙂 You are as bright as a Star, my number one fan. I am hoping to meet you soon, maybe at Starbucks where I usually socialize. Maybe that will start a new chapter, and who knows we might click and you might be one of my close friends, have a pajama party with selfies and nail polish nights.

For the mean time, I am gonna be busy again being… Digitally rich. Digitally famous. Digitally beautiful. Annoying and pretentious in real life. – thanks for watching over me, now I have a Digital Fairy God Mother 🙂

Mini Tagaytay, my happy place!


Here comes the rainy season. My favorite one. These are the times I find myself counting raindrops, sipping more coffee than usual, cooking “lucky me” to keep me warm and reading books non-stop to kill time and travel to another dimension.

So last night, I listed all my must read physical books. I almost died when my I finished my list, 42 books! *die, die, die and die once more* How did this happen? How can I have so many books?

I told myself I better get back to reading or else my sister Krissy will kill me once I step inside a bookstore again and end up buying all the reads that interest me. As much as I love my room, deep inside I know I need to find another place, another area where my brain won’t tell me “the weather is very inviting, go ahead and sleep”.

Now here I am, lying flat on my stomach blogging and reading at the same time. Mom’s gonna scream at me once she notice that her cute sala is missing one of her pink foamy seats. Yes, I brought them to our terrace.

Happy reading! 🙂

10 Day Blog Challenge: Part 10

blog challengeOne confession

Okay, here we go. I do not know how to date. Like date-date. *Blush*Shy*Blush*Shy* Literally date, like go on a date with someone I like. Because once you ask me out, and I say yes, that simply means I like you and most probably, we will end up together.

This is funny and at the same time frustrating, lol!

Please take time to read my 10 Day Blog Challenge, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Again big thanks to Say Cheese for this bright idea. Try it, have fun and know thyself… How come I don’t know how to date? Haha!










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