Doodlings on my doodle notebook I

“The Silent Killer”

The most painful goodbye for me are the quiet ones where no words were whispered. You were just left hanging on air. You keep on guessing why and how it came to a point where silence meant “the end”. Compare it with a resounding goodbye. At least you have something to remember that yes, the other person left for good. Because the word goodbye came out of their lips, travelled in the air, passed through your ears, processed in your brains and hit your heart straight to the core.

So if you want to leave someone, tell them, let them hear it. Be brutal if you must even once in your life though you don’t want to. It will hurt like all the broken promises but better than to keep them guessing right? Remember, not all people are mind readers, give them the freedom they deserve. Do not worry for they will heal no matter what happens.


I doodle a lot. It does not matter where, these are my thoughts running and I want to catch them like colorful butterflies and keep them in a jar. If you have anything to share or have any questions in mind, please feel free to comment. Thank you ♥