Pampanga’s Best, let’s do this!

inviteWe were invited by Mr. and Mrs. Figueroa for the Christening of their first son, Dwayne Dom. We were more than guests, we were God mothers and God fathers of this little cutie. Proud to be a part of this big event, I made the invite above and so glad that Jeanne (Dom’s mother) loved it so much.

pampanga's best (1) Since the event falls on a Sunday, we decided to have a quick road trip and left after our Saturday shift. First stop, the famous San Guillermo Church where Santino used to pray for the Filipino Teleserye “May Bukas Pa“. For those who plan on going anywhere Pampanga, this is a must visit! Why? It’s so beautiful! An earthquake and the Mt. Pinatubo eruption may have ruined it, but it’s still very captivating.

pampanga's best (2) A closer look, old and ruined by time.

pampanga's best (3)From the outside, the Church may look small. Wait until you get inside, you will be more than amazed. The altar is glorious! You will notice small bats that hang around the ceiling. The area is quite big on the inside and I have seen some weddings that was celebrated here on Facebook. Must feel nice walking on these wide aisle 🙂 Photo on the lower right shows how deep the Church was buried. That used to be the upper part of the windows.

pampanga's best (4)The right side holds “Museo de Bacolor” where they kept numerous paintings and photos of San Guillermo Church. You can see pictures of how the place looked like before and after being buried in hot molten lava. If you walk a little further, you will notice their small adoration chapel, so unique and I tell you, this is a room where you can feel the Lord’s presence, so quiet and homey.

pampanga's best (5) One of the paintings that awed me.

pampanga's best (6) One last photo before we continue on our road trip, meet Arjay, Daniel, Ruby, I and Ami. Gen took our photo 🙂

pampanga's best (7) Second stop… Toll House. Any road trip would not be complete without trying out the best restaurants in town. Ask anyone how’s the food and service, I bet they would all tell you that they had the best experience. This was my second time to eat here, the first time was when we attended the Hot Air Balloon Fest. Like the first, the food didn’t fail me at all, I enjoyed my yummy Caesar salad and Calamansi juice.

pampanga's best (8)Now that our stomach is filled with food as it should be, we drove to Antonina’s Resort. Fixed our stuff and started our mini drinking session. So many funny, “kilig”, and laugh out loud stories. Being with a cool crowd is a must when going out. No dull moments, just good music, stories and fun stuff. When dinner time came, our tummies were at the war zone again, thus making us leave Antonina’s to Ronald’s house (Dom’s father). But before that, we needed to search for this super big cake since it’s Ron’s birthday. Good thing, there’s Goldilocks! Dinner was quick and before we knew it, we were back at the resort having a good time at the pool.

pampanga's best (9)Sunday came and the new batch of God mothers arrived. We bought pandesal and coffee early in the morning. But wait, there’s more, can you imagine a group of crazies hopping from one store to another looking for “toothpicks” early in the morning? Hmmm, that would be us? Lol! Ms. Glory would be finishing her cupcakes and toothpicks are really important for this one. Though we got weird replies from cashiers, we didn’t care. We still asked and looked, thanks to a small shop who has one! Life saver! Look how happy we were making these cute blue and yellow cupcakes. Thanks to Ms. Glory for letting us help her with the design and toppings, it was a fun experience.

pampanga's best (10)Time to swim for a while before the main event.

pampanga's best (11) Tadah! A sunny and good morning to everyone! The photos above were taken during the Christening ceremony inside the ‘Parish of the Lord’s Ascension’. Jeanne and Ronald looked so happy all through out the event, big smiles everywhere.

pampanga's best (12) The God fathers and God mothers with the Figueroa Family. 🙂

pampanga's best (13) Before leaving the Church.

pampanga's best (14) Lunchtime food attack! Thank you so much Jeanne for the overflowing food and drinks, sorry I was not able to sing because I feel so sleepy after eating a lot! Haha! Again, you made our tummy so happy.

pampanga's best (16)All kinds of meat and chicken viands plus veggies, talk about “handaan”. Another cute souvenir, baby cupcakes and my vanity moments.

pampanga's best (15)One last photo of the group, it was indeed a fun, unforgettable, full of happy moments weekend! (Meg, I, Ruby, Anna, Rosche, Dan, Mhadz, Gen, Ronald, Jeanne, Glory and Ami.

pampanga's best (17)To close the event, we stopped at Razon’s for the best halo halo in town. A few minutes of reminiscin’ on how the weekend went then we’re back on the road to Manila.

One reminder, wear sunblock if possible especially if you are going to visit Pampanga during the summer season. The weather was really hot and I bet you would stop at any halo halo store just to cool the temperature of your body.

Abe with US Girls

Supposedly, we are gonna eat at Conti’s since Jana was cravings for some cakes. Not sure why there were so many people at the place last Monday so we ended up looking for another restaurant. Out of the many restaurants in Serendra, we chose Abe, they specialize in Filipino dishes.

My two ladies with our “Sago’t Gulaman”

Jana and I

US Girls reunited over dinner 🙂

Pork Hamonado and Baby Squids, loved them both.

Thank you Chivas for our group picture.

And another one 🙂

Three times our height? Lol!

Near the fountain area

Cute cute flowers floating

I wanted to hug this christmas tree but… haha, it’s too small. 🙂

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

Weekend calls for bonding! Tiring and long week so we decided to eat out. Been craving for the ever famous “mango bravo” from Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant. It’s a short walk from the office to Serendra where it’s located but since the sun was high, we opted to take the bus.

Good thing we didn’t have to wait so long to get a table, usually the area is booked on weekends.

Photos of us waiting and the interiors. Hmmm, I want to have a plate collection all of a sudden. 🙂

Alexa, you are approved as your shirt says! Haha! Smile!

Food is ready! Can you believe I didn’t eat rice this time? All american breakfast, everything here is delicious, I swear!

Of course, any visit will be useless without some cakes! Moist chocolate cake, Mango Bravo, Turtle pie and a special cake from Jude called the “Freedom cake” 😀 (thanks CK for helping out with the decoration).

Marie, Anna, Hilda, Jude and Alexa… I’m behind the camera.

I decided to wear my “sapin-sapin” top to drive away the negative vibes. Guess I should wear more colorful clothes, like bright yellow, pink and blues!

HERE IS MY SURPRISE! Do not laugh! Sorry for the grammatical lapses 😀

You better watch this video, I know how much you love the movie “Wicker Park”… coincidence or not but the little lady’s name is Alexa.

Mozu with US Girls

Meet the “US Girls”

Miley, Jana and I

Grilled Liempo, Baby Back Ribs and Chicken Kebab

Mocha Adoration

Enjoying my cloudy Mocha Adoration Coffee

Early Christmas, wonderful star lanterns! They are so lovely!

Our BB’s

Thank you for the chocolates CJ! Loved them!

Errr… what conversation are you having? Haha!

Dinner, coffee dates plus the rain and ONE umbrella.

Thank you girls for the time, I know you two are busy but at least we were able to find time for each other. You know how much I miss you!

Champorado and the Dried Salted Herring

Funny as it may seem, I do not know how to cook (real viands) though I love eating and trying out different foods. Mom always tell me I cannot be a good wife because a husband after a hard days work would just love to sit down, read a newspaper or magazine and EAT. Of course, the wife must cook for her beloved husband. I, on the other hand only knows how to make someone laugh non-stop.

Now, that leaves me nowhere, so DO NOT MARRY ME if you are a food junkie. Unless you are willing to eat out, have something delivered or cook for me, haha, that’s the other way around. (I guess I can work so I’ll be one who will come home for dinner).

Looking at the bright side of the rainbow, I got one good news, since I am addicted to chocolates as early as I can remember, I have perfected how to cook “Champorado”. This is a famous Filipino food, mostly eaten during breakfast or “siesta” time, and cold seasons.

Forgive me for I am not a food blogger, if you want to try, these are the ingredients that you need:

1. Ricoa Cocoa or any powdered cocoa brand

2. Sugar, preferably brown sugar (since it’s healthier)

3. Malagkit Rice (Sticky rice) and the normal rice

How to cook:

1. Put the Malagkit rice and normal rice together and boil them for about 15 minutes. Do not forget to stir frequently.

2. On a separate bowl, mix the powdered cocoa and brown sugar. Add hot water and stir non-stop. Haha!

3. Once you are done and the 15 minutes is over, add the liquified cocoa to the boiling Malagkit and normal rice. Again, stir non-stop. Add sugar depending on your taste.

4. You can add evaporated milk or powdered milk to your hot Champorado.

5. If you are a little adventurous, try eating your Champorado with dried salted herring. Sweet and salty, DELICIOUS!

***Do not ask me for any measurements, I do not know anything about them. (Forgive me again)***

The key ingredients

Due to frequent stirring, I got BURNED! Tsk tsk tsk!

Here’s my plate with the dried salted herring (known as “Tuyo” in Tagalog)

I used the evaporated milk since I am a young lady, haha!

My twin brother of course, used the powdered one.

“Tuyo” close up

Dad didn’t eat Champorado 😦 that’s because Mom bought him something from the mall. Thanks to my twin brother though, I guess they enjoyed it. Love these boys!

Again, do not marry me, for I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COOK but I plan to try. Enjoy eating!

Biboy now that I found you @ Chicago Family Ktv Bar And Restaurant

Finally, time to sing! Yes, we Filipinos love Karaoke… one of the many ways to release stress while having a blast. Last Saturday after our shift, we decided to visit Chicago Family KTV Bar and Restaurant at 88 Meralco Ave. cor. Julia Vargas St., Ortigas Center,Pasig City.

If I am not mistaken, this place used to be Gutson’s, a place for beers and billiards. The renovation of the place had a great impact, the place is so much better! From the name (which reminds of me of the wonderful musical movie), the interiors and the food! Plus, the staff were very accommodating too. Love restaurants and places with excellent customer service.

Sorry I forgot the brochure that I got from them, I left it at the table I guess. We got a room package for 5000.00 pesos, not bad since it can fit up to 12 persons and it includes food, beers and 2 hours singing time. (TIP: do not forget to try their NACHOS!) You have a lot of packages to choose from, to make sure just call them at 02-637-9582 for more details. If possible, reserve the place in advance. The place is very busy during weekends, when we arrive, there’s only one room left.

I will not go into further details about what happened, haha, I had a great time. Singing together has never been this fun, and I didn’t know that the name “Biboy” can be found in most songs, lol! BABY = BIBOY

Logo outside

Another logo at the side, sorry Miss, whoever you are, didn’t know you were walking out.

The reception area

Bar outside and colorful stools! Want one if I am gonna be a singer… wishing!

The menu

Can’t be more excited to sing!

Logo inside


The hallway

I guess this space is for people who will get tired of hearing not so nice voices, haha, peace!

Our room number

Testing of cam with Biboy, Jude, Eldrige, Amie, Ampy and Pao

Biboy, Eldrige, myself, Amie, Ampy and Pao

Biboy, Eldrige, myself, Amie, Ampy and Jude

Karaoke Time!

The cute lights, like stars!

Eldrige, myself, Amie, Anna, Ampy and Pao

Josh and Randz (kissing) Gen, Marie, Hilda, Eldrige, myself, Amie, Anna, Ampy and Pao

Josh, Randz, Gen, Marie, Hilda, Eldrige, myself, Amie, Anna, Ampy and Jude

They have a secret relationship, lol (oh my, sorry I spilled, haha)

Smile everyone? Uhmmm, Eldrige? Haha!

Josh, what are you singing now? 🙂

Jude, Anna, Marie, Randz and Josh, just chillin’ outside.

Thank you Manong Guard for the picture!