Hhhmmm, wedding photographer maybe?

I am always fascinated with how wedding photographers work on a prenuptial shoot. So when my friends and I took a break at Sierra Madre Resort in Tanay Rizal last November 2011 we came up with something. Mafel my dear friend was with her boyfriend Thai and we urged them to pose for us. Gladly they did and here’s what we got. The quotes I used are all taken from Google, just type the word “love” or “marriage” and millions of phrases will come out. Just pick wisely!

Behind the scenes of a GRAFFITI photoshoot

Flipping through magazine pages since I was a kid was one of my thousand hobbies. In fact, when I was in fourth grade I started collecting Cosmopolitan magazines (and recently gave it up last year). Often, I would dwell on the internet and stare at the lovely and skinny creatures commonly known as “models”. I think that maybe one of the reasons why I am so addicted to taking pictures of myself, because I simply want to be one. I plead guilty to the times I looked at the mirror and SMIZE-d from HTT (head to toe, famous phrase from Tyra Banks).

So to cut the story short, I was invited by my good friend Jeremy to a photo shoot. I did give him a heads up that I do not want to model since I have gained too much weight but I am very willing to help them. Sunday it was, and to tell you honestly, it was one of those fleeting moments where you felt so tired but still your body is not giving up? E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G! Being an assistant make up artist was cool, thanks to Marielle for letting me do the eye make up for the two models since that was the only thing I can do. Had the chance to meet other photographers (namely Jake, sorry I forgot the other names, my bad) the beautiful models of course and spent some time with Kajo, my dear friend and her friends too.

These are the “behind the scenes” GRAFFITI shots that I got while everybody was busy. Location was the abandoned building near LRT 2 Betty Go Station where all the walls are painted colorfully with words and drawings. I spoke with one of the caretakers and though the place seemed creepy at first, she said that a lot of people do photo shoots in the area and so far no accidents involved. Whew! Glad to know that! The only downsides were the mosquitoes, wet floor (since it rained before we came) and dark areas. I do hope that the final photos will be uploaded soon, can’t wait to share them to you guys. Need to search for the models portfolio, I am so glad I met these three lovely ladies.

First model: Aika, I was able to exchange a few words with her, learned that she is also a registered nurse like myself. She needed to leave early due to some private issue but her shots were all amazing I bet. Her stance was very dramatic and the hair and make up fits her.

2nd and 3rd model: Sisters Dale and Pau

Can you believe that it was Dale’s (left wearing leopard print tube top) first time to model? I don’t, she was very good like her sister Pau.

Sisters goofing around 🙂

Smile girls!

Let’s try this pose… hope it worked since it was my idea. I got it from a magazine, haha!

Marielle (the make-up artist), the models, Jeremy (the photographer wearing white shirt) and our friends exerting effort to make sure we will have the best photos in town.

Ate Joy taking some time with the lovely sisters.

Love the graffiti wall effect!

Pau strutting her stuff back there. She started modeling a few years back and that makes her kinda like a pro when it comes to posing.

Time for a retouch Dale!

Closer look at her make up, nicest right?! 🙂

Until my next experience in the real photography world.

Supermodels in all of us

I am a frustrated model, needless to say, America’s Next Top Model instantly became my favorite show of all time. Currently running on air would be Season 17 known as All Stars. I would just love to look back on those other cycles. Honestly, since they have been on air for quite sometime, I often get confused as to what season a certain girl came from, so I did a little research and made my own collage so that I can match the winning lady from their batchmates. Anyway, hope you find this helpful, that’s if you’re an ANTM addict like me. It’s hard to look for the old cycles but I am happy I was able to complete all of them. Enjoy F-I-E-R-C-E ladies!

Of course we need to start with the SMIZE lady! Tyra Banks!

Adrianne Curry from Cycle 1

Yoanna House from Cycle 2

Eva Pigford from Cycle 3

Naima Mora from Cycle 4

Nicole Linkletter from Cycle 5

Danielle Evans from Cycle 6

 Caridee English from Cycle 7

Jaslene Gonzalez from Cycle 8

Saleisha Stowers from Cycle 9

Whitney Thompson from Cycle 10

Mckey Sullivan from Cycle 11

Teyona Anderson from Cycle 12

Nicole Fox from Cycle 13

Krista White from Cycle 14

Ann Ward from Cycle 15

Brittani Kline from Cycle 16

The all new ANTM ALL STARS! My bet is Allison! Hope she wins this time! Good luck!