Peaceful July: Mornings


Peace comes in the morning when you first open your eyes
Though your hairstrands are twisted due to endless tossing and turning
You still feel beautiful inside
Heart beats faster as you accept the light illuminating from the window
Excitement overflows when you think of positive things that await you
A brand new day
Another day to gain wisdom
Another day to love again
Another day to smile

Circling in a dream


Illusions light the reality of my dreams
Grasping for air I am bound to scream
Future faces I cannot see
How can one face the past with glee
If dreams are the only way to have you
Sparks of blue seas and all different hue
Then let me taste the sweetness of feathers in the night
For all I know I have to fight

Circling in a dream, bound to fight
In you I take flight

Fly and Bleed


She ran away as fast as she could

Until she can no longer feel her feet touching the ground

The numbness, the light feeling, it was great

The cloud tasted of cotton candy, the wind was somewhat cold against her bare skin


Then it started raining

Small drops

Loud thunder

Fast lightning

In an instant the gravity was pulling her back


With a big thump she landed back on earth

Her face covered with thick mud

Her eyelids felt heavy

Salty tears started to roll down her eyes


That’s when she realized

She’s exactly where she should be

Back in the hands of reality

Where everything bites, until you can bleed no more

Daily Prompt: Silver Linings


Imagine darkness
Where you can’t decide whether to step your right or left foot first
Imagine darkness
Where your other senses heightened since you can’t see a thing
I bet you are afraid

Now, close your eyes
Open them again

Imagine darkness
This time with small twinkling lights above your head
Imagine darkness
Where the moon light traces the tip of your fingertips
I bet you are hopeful

For the last time close your eyes

And when you peek through them, though it’s dark, you have seen the world in a different perspective

Life may be dark, but every second is worth living!


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