How busy can one get during December


This is the month where you don’t know how to squeeze in all the events in a month. Christmas party here, dinner there and exchange gifts everywhere. How can one decline invitations from special people? Family, relatives, friends and old friends? Plus, add some volunteer work, time for Christmas shopping, and fixing “monito monitas”. I have arranged five sets of exchange gifts. (sorry for being so active in everything, I do not know where to place my energy, Lol!)

Well, this is my favorite time of the year. So I am really excited to wake up each day and make the most out of it.

Hoping everyone will have a busy BUT fun December!

Christmas Air 2012

Oh I can’t be more excited! I can smell Christmas already! It is true that Philippines celebrate the Christmas season longer than any other countries. We usually start our gift shopping when the Ber months hit the calendar. Personally, our family puts up our Christmas tree on November 1, that’s also the time I start shopping for gifts.

This year is gonna be a busy one, I need to be stronger physically, reserve energy for I will be totally active in all areas. Yes, I am all over the place and I need to be more efficient in managing my time. Already organizing 4 Christmas exchange gifts and parties (wish lists time!). Also, one big event coming up, since my Barkada and I were not able to give our donations last time to “The Sisters of the Poor”, we are gonna do it before Christmas! Woot! Woot! So happy and excited already!

There is no better way to celebrate the Christmas season but to give and give and give anything you can to help the community.

Anyway, please watch this! ABS-CBN Station ID’s will always be the best in town! ♥

BER months


Four months to prepare for Christmas! Yes for me, it’s the start of the never ending shopping season. I must admit! I have always been a shopaholic broke, but I can’t stop it, or rather, I can’t control myself. Earlier, I went to the mall I saw this pair of lovely maroon slippers I said to myself “This will be the first Christmas gift for myself” next thing I knew, it was on my shopping cart!

When I got home, I was playing with Caitlyn, my niece and then I saw this Christmas ornament hanging on our ceiling. My dad didn’t remove it since last year and it made me realize, it was Christmas was all year round! And then the BER months I was talking about earlier just became part of the background. So to everyone reading this! I would like to wish you ADVANCE MERRY CHRISTMAS! This is the season to stay JOLLY everyday!