10 Day Blog Challenge: Part 8

blog challenge

Three turn ons

1. People who know how to use these phrases “thank you”, “i apologize” and “you are welcome” and really mean them.
2. Someone who reads poetry or someone who can sing.
3. Someone who can argue with me in a healthy way.


10 Day Blog Challenge : Part 5

blog challenge

Six Things I wish I’d never done

1. Wore elephant jeans.

2. Allowed peer pressure.

3. Ate chocolates non stop for 6 months.

4. Collected non sense magazines that tempted me to buy material things that has no value at all.

5. Bought too many colors of the same shirt.

6. Smiled though my heart was breaking.


10 Day Blog Challenge : Part 3

blog challenge

Eight Ways to win my heart

1. Ask my parents if you can visit me at home. Super effort ang pagpunta sa house namin, malayo kasi, haha!

2. Open the door for me and for other people.

3. Look me straight in the eye when talking. Do not be afraid, my eyes are just normally big, but I do not have hypnotizing powers.

4. Be yourself and do not try to copy others. Not flattering at all. If you are comfortable in what you do, it will show.

5. Learn how to cook “Lucky Me” pancit canton, the right way. Not super soggy, just enough that I can chew it properly.

6. Do not take me to expensive restaurants on the first date, I’d rather check out a museum, watch reggae, or eat sisig.

7. Laugh your heart out, with me.

8. Run and do crazy stuff, again… with me.


10 Day Blog Challenge : Part 2

blog challengeNine Things about myself

1. I am a drama queen. Yes, I have dreamed of becoming a television artist, but since I am too old to audition, I just act daily… my life is a live tv series.

2. People say I look quiet and “mahinhin” until they get to be with me for a day. First impressions are not always right, ask my close friends, haha!

3. I hate math and the only subject under it where I do good is Algebra.

4. I love climbing trees when I was a kid, I miss it nowadays.

5. I adore long walks, especially around BGC.

6. I want to have two kids in the future, a girl and a boy. If twins would be possible, yes I will be very happy to have them.

7. I change my mind a lot.

8. Taking risks, one of my hobbies.

9. My soul sings poetry and my mind wanders most of the time.


10 Day Blog Challenge : Part 1


Been juggling on how to balance work and life at the moment. I am good at this, I just don’t know why I seem distracted lately. Usually, I know what to do when a situation comes up. Now, I feel so blank to the point of not even knowing myself. It’s weird and I talked to my sister about it and she said that maybe I am having this “mid life crisis issue”. Still, I don’t know.

This project has long been overdue and I would like to thank Say Cheese for the idea 🙂

Okay, now here it goes!

Ten Things you want to say to ten different people right now

1. You can do it. Just like Nike, yes you can do it. (I am telling this to myself too) No matter what the problem is, there will always be a way to exit properly.

2. Do not doubt yourself. Believe in your innermost power that you can do everything and anything if needed to.

3. Pray. A short simple prayer goes a long way.

4. Smile. It has always been contagious.

5. Kindness should always be your virtue as the Dalai Lama said. Yes it may be hard at challenging times especially when the person in front of you just instantly light this bad fire inside of you. Think that you don’t know the person and you have no idea what he/she has gone through.

6. Breathe 10 times when angry. It works for me.

7. Eat chocolate when you crave for it. Give in to the small desires of your body, a chocolate wouldn’t hurt if it makes you feel better. Try the dark ones.

8. Do not give a damn about what other people say. They are not in your position. Just do what do you, just remember not to step on anyone.

9. When life throws you lemons, learn how to make lemonade. Life should be as fun as it should be. Who knows, it might be our last day right?

10. Keep the CALM and paint your room white. Remove all the possible distractions that keeps you from reaching your goal.