Visual Poetry “The Waiting”

Poem writing was one of my old hobbies. Honestly, I can’t remember where I placed my old notebooks and diaries where I used to doodle my thoughts! Recently, I got in contact with my grade school friend Niel. He is a great artist full of wonderful ideas. So this is the deal, he asked for one of my poems for his project. I want to give a good one right away but unfortunately, I am here in Dubai and my poems are back in the Philippines. Good thing my poems are in my heart, lol, so I decided to write down one poem that I remembered. And then boom! Before I knew it, it’s already a virtual poetry. I am really proud of his work and I have never thought that my poems will be useful. Thanks again Neil for this opportunity, God bless your talent!

I am looking forward for more collaboration. Please check the site of my dear artist friend Niel Marcelino at and this one for our first collaboration

Let’s continue to love art and share it! Peace!