Those bad moments

Bad moments for me are the times I want to punch someone in the face but I know that it’s super “babaw”. As a lady I should know better how to handle myself well in public and private places, yet, some situations are effin crazy!

I should continue praying to God to keep my feet grounded. Moments like these somehow makes me show my roots. I need self control and the right state of mind to decide what to do best.

“Breathe” I tell myself, there are some things we can’t grasp. Just dance.

The Glass Table

It started up with a small chip of mistake

We didn’t let it go

Until it tore our trust apart

Another chip on the end

That was caused by unwanted jealousy

Then triggered anger and hate

In time, the crack reached the middle of the table

In one wrong move, it fell

Thousands of small glass on the floor

Neither one of us wanted to pick the pieces

As we slowly walk away from each other

We bleed and cry