HOPE in Visual Poetry



Artwork by Vivalanat
Words by Joyce Aralar

At times I feel like drowning
There was nothing left to do
But to catch one last breath
And hope I can survive for a minute

Another minute, an hour, days, or even months
I prayed hard that someone
Will see me asking for help
And extend a hand
To save me from the mess I have created
As demons of my own continues to haunt me
But no one did
As I was about to completely surrender
I saw a tiny flicker of light, turned into fire
A blinding contrast of orange and yellow that seemed to burn my being
Hesitant at first, I forced to open my eyes

He was there
GOD was there

Flashbacks and realizations hit me all at once
I knew then I am the only one
Who can fight my own demons
See the true light
With His complete guidance

hope you guys like it and this artwork is proudly done on Illustrator CS6

Neil, I can’t thank you more enough, again, for bringing life to the words that I have written. This work of yours truly represents hope, when all seems down and low, we have something to hold on to.
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Nemiranda Art House and Atelier Cafe Restaurant

On the way home to Binangonan…

I : Sis, I really need to pee

Sissy : Hold it, we’re almost home

I : No, I can’t. Let’s eat goto, my treat

Sissy : Okay, no problem! But let’s just visit Nemiranda Cafe

I : As long as I can pee

***All because I have to pee, we discovered this beautiful place, ART STUFF 🙂 ***

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Most of us associate geometry with buildings and structures, I do too. But when I looked around my room, I know I have a share of geometry and that would be my earrings collection! Can’t remember how many pairs I got, from the last time I counted it was more than 200. 🙂

Some of my fave, choose from circles, stars, squares, inverted triangles and more circles. Forgive me and my undying vanity ♥

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Visual Poetry: Teuthida Love III Teaser

Some have a way with words while some have a way of putting colors into words.

Last year I was given the chance to work for a Poem + Art Collaboration, of course with my one of my artist friend Niel. Both the poem and art received many praises and it was even featured on an Indonesian Online Magazine. Couldn’t be so proud of his work, I was just a chatterbox overflowing with words and I can’t believe someone noticed my poems. Recently, he is working on a project called “Teuthida Love” and I am so happy I was given the privilege to write the third poem! Couldn’t be more excited, above is the teaser of the collaboration we are working together. He also informed me he is working with another artist named Love (whom I am very excited to meet in person). Oh how I adore artistic ones!


Funny how we miss the things we do a few years back. After all the stress, I guess I need a revenge where I am good at. Found this blog entry on my Multiply site.


BEFORE: Published on Apr 16, ’09 11:35 PM

I had second thoughts of joining this bead workshop. But then again, I was crazy thinking about it since I first read the info on my email from Powerbooks. I was really into beading even before… well, not all type of beading, I’m captivated by earrings specially. Like the big, long, beaded, chunky earrings. I really can’t get enough of them, I started wearing them when I was in college and I never stopped. My collection grew larger and larger and I have used them in all occasions.

I can’t really remember what year in college I started to buy beads and pliers. Then, when I was about to start, my mind would have so many ideas I don’t know how to start anymore. So they just piled up! And now, that I really don’t know what to do in my life, I realized I should start from my inner being and work my way to the top. This is just the beginning I know. Soon, I’ll be selling them and hopefully earn from them. I’m really really happy =)

I’m really serious now, when I attended my first class with miss Rosanne last Wednesday, I had fun. Although it turns out I was her only student. =) (we were supposed to be two actually) but that’s perfectly fine, it was a one on one class and I was happy that miss Rosanne was a really cool lady, as in.

We started with the basics of course and at first it was easy… but if you wanted to get more creative, believe me, your fingers will suffer as well. it was my first time to learn the proper twisting, how to cut the wire properly etc. but it was all worth it,
I so love the earrings that i made!

Love it! love it! love it!

Big thanks miss Rosanne, we still have 3 lessons! see you!

These are some of the earrings I have made after the lesson…

NOW: Aug 28, ’12 03:07 PM

I am ready to twist and turn again, someone suggested that I go back to crafting. Will take the advice 🙂 Mind you, I was able to sell a lot of earrings after I took the lesson above. Need to be ready to visit Quiapo and buy some pliers and beads so I can continue my earring passion.

Bless me Lord. ♥

Art in Kalinawan

For those of you wondering where Kalinawan is, well, it was the place I grew up. Our family is into fishing business and I clearly remember how we used to swim in Laguna Lake all summer long. The place marks a special place in my heart, as they say, HOME is where the HEART is!