REAL Friends

YOU were amazing tonight, thanks for a great time, though we can’t achieve the Georgina pose and only Jhong can pull it off. Haha!

When I look back at how my relationships with my girl friends here in the Philippines (fondly called Barkada) were, I can’t help but thank God and the world for introducing me to such souls full of wit and humor. Do not get me wrong, we had our downsides as group but I guess the ones who care are the ones who stays no matter what happens.

So many things had happened and at this point I am being mature about relationships and friendships. I am not the type who easily get mad, my patience can be extended to certain heights and though some people take it as advantage, I do not really care as long as I feel sincere in helping them. Today was one of the worst I guess but I need not spill the negative details. What I am just trying to point is, be sure to be there when your friends need you the most, yes friendship can’t and WILL NEVER be counted by how many hours you spent together, BUT always see to it that you TAKE TIME in your busy schedule to squeeze them even just for 2 hours in 365 days. Maybe that wouldn’t hurt.

So to all my ladies out there, make sure you spend some real good quality time with your chikas and do not revolve yourself to only one person.

28 in a few

turning 28

Hallo everyone!

In a few minutes another year will be added to my existence. Hmmm! So maybe this is it, I can say that L-I-F-E starts at 28 (at least that’s for me, most of the time I hear/read it’s at 30). I need to give a few updates about my “Joyful plans for my 28th Birthday”.

Plan 1) It saddens me that I won’t be able to do this since the “Donate Your Hair Org” updated their site and noted that hair donations should be 12 inches or longer. 😦 Unfortunately, I would be close to a boy’s cut if I do that.

Plan 2 and 3) Done already! Yipee!

Thank you Jona for this lovely quote

And now! It’s time to give endless thanks to everyone who has been a great part of my life for the past 28 years.

1) My ever loving family members – I know it’s hard to be with a daughter/sister who’s always chatting about everything and makes “kulit” to everyone in the house. Forgive me if I always sleep when I have the chance to and for the non-stop drinking of iced tea.

2) My relatives on both sides, mother and father. You were all great and being close to almost each one of you makes me real happy.

3) To the friends of my mother and father. Thank you for treating us like your children and for helping my parents reach their goal in continuously reaching to other people in all the good ways you know.

4) For my Nueve D Barkada, you are the greatest sisters I have in life and you all know me from my hair tips to my toes.

5) My CJPLC, Assumption Antipolo, BCC and OLGC friends and batchmates, I have never ending memories of you. Most of them all funny and really unforgettable.

6) My ICT and Chase Friends, oh you have filled my life with happy working days! Thank you thank you thank you!

7) My WordPress family, endless thank you for visiting my site. Every click goes to my heart 🙂

Third Sunday of December

Start of Christmas parties! Before I go to sleep and rest. I would like to share my third Sunday. Had a blast with these girls and Ton of course (the only guy in our group). Though Mafel, Bham and Levy didn’t make it, at least we had a good time.
Christmas Party 2012 (2)Sending our Christmas greeting to everyone ♥

Christmas Party 2012 (3)My outfit: Statement shirt, pants, and Primadonna shoes 🙂

Christmas Party 2012 (4)

Played with lights

Christmas Party 2012 (5)

Laughing Yoga with my dearest girls!

Christmas Party 2012 (6)

Can’t believe I survived wearing that pair!

Christmas Party 2012 (7)Solo and vanity moments

Christmas Party 2012 (8)We got some freebies from each other, thanks to Jambi for the necklace and Sheera for the headbands, also, bracelets from Marco.

Christmas Party 2012 (1)Nice sunset right?

That’s it for now! How was your Sunday? Hope you had a good time too like mine.

It’s always a good time!

To 3 Single Ladies and 1 Taken,

Thank you for making this event possible, lol. I thought we won’t be able to push through with this gimik since Jhong woke up late! A few revelations may hurt us, but we will always stay strong for each other. It’s Monday and I don’t want to stress you out with some drama, will just make a separate entry on how sad I am since one of us will be leaving soon. 😦

I love you girls forever and you know that!

Love, the 4th Single Lady ♥

Just to change our usual habit of Sundays, we decided to hit the nearest mall SM Taytay.

For the hungry stomachs, nothing will ever beat MAX’s!

Sugar rush 🙂

And out of the blue, since we needed to have a gas refill, we opted for a short road trip to Tiendesitas.

After a few minutes of walking, it’s time to have a coffee break. Thank you girls for the sticker, a few more to go then I’ll have my 2013 planner.

I can be the coolest and “makulit” stranger you’ll ever meet.

Vigan inspired pictorial!

Spell crazy? That would be US.

Spread the love, will be missing you a lot Jhong.

Crazy pic 1

Super crazy pic 2

Ever crazy pic 3

Uber crazy pic 4

What now? Haha!