BER months


Four months to prepare for Christmas! Yes for me, it’s the start of the never ending shopping season. I must admit! I have always been a shopaholic broke, but I can’t stop it, or rather, I can’t control myself. Earlier, I went to the mall I saw this pair of lovely maroon slippers I said to myself “This will be the first Christmas gift for myself” next thing I knew, it was on my shopping cart!

When I got home, I was playing with Caitlyn, my niece and then I saw this Christmas ornament hanging on our ceiling. My dad didn’t remove it since last year and it made me realize, it was Christmas was all year round! And then the BER months I was talking about earlier just became part of the background. So to everyone reading this! I would like to wish you ADVANCE MERRY CHRISTMAS! This is the season to stay JOLLY everyday!