I’m turning 28 and I still don’t care

2143468Now my blog title may seem rude. It’s 3:13 AM and my eyelids are light as a feather. Please sleep, where are you when I needed you the most? Hmm… he’s gone and visited another soul in need of rest. (I guess?)

So back to my drama… I am having some birthday blues this early. But yeah, I learned that the greatest advice I can give to someone is to “not care at all”. Not care in a sense of not caring what the world will say about the things that you do. We will all learn from our experiences and honestly there are moments I feel I don’t really have a say when friends or loved ones ask me for an advice. It’s different when you are the one inside the box and the one standing outside the box.

I have always felt so carefree when I do not care or give a damn about what others will say. I SING, SCREAM, DANCE and JUMP, whenever and wherever I like. They may label me as crazy but I have freedom in my hands and if this is the way for me to really have a taste of it, then I let it be. Same goes with you! 99% of the people around us would not really care, so why worry? Worrying is such a killer! As Nike said, “JUST DO IT” and I have to add, STICK to it.

Be a happy pill like me! ♥

1st out of 10 mornings before I turn 27 : GOD

9:06 in the morning, I am blogging from our kitchen table. Mom just left with her coffee after eating rice and an egg with lots of tomato ketchup. We talked for a while, about the plans for the day. After this, I need to take a bath and head to the salon to have my manicure and pedicure (addicted to them). After lunch, she will accompany me to Makati to claim some make ups that I bought from an online deal.

If I were to think about it, seems this day is pretty normal like the rest of my days. Rice, chocolate drink, humming birds in the background, clear blue sky and green leafy trees envelopes me in a hug. Suddenly, a small tug of loneliness drifts through me. I do not know what lies ahead and it makes me feel sick. I am not so sure if this one of those things that call “birthday blues” but surely for my age, I should not be having this at all. In three years times I will be 30 and what? At the end of it all… my hopeful heart sings quietly in one corner. She is always there, pushing me to the limits when I think I can no longer hold on. God has given me power to never stop believing, believe in myself, the people around me and Him.

So as you can see, I think this applies for all of us, there are moments that we feel so down like today but a little dose of hope can make a difference. If you are having a hard time looking to that bright side, imagine all the blessings that you have received and you will be surprised you can’t count all of them with your fingers and toes.

God loves us in every way, and we must put our trust in Him. I will always trust Him.