Donate Your Hair and help a Cancer patient

Last year, I shared plans of donating my hair for Cuts Against Cancer – Donate Your Hair Org. However, they needed 12 inches minimum to create a wig. This year, I am happy to say that my hair lengthened to 10 inches long. So I contacted the team again and asked some details just to be sure. My timing was pretty perfect 🙂 This coming October 5, 2014 they are going to have a big event: Setting Up New Guinness World Record in Philippines & Most important Helping Kids & Woman with Cancer by Cutting your Hair. So what are you waiting for? Let us help in spreading the word. Visit their Facebook site for more details and videos.

Cuts against cancer

In three months I am ready to say goodbye to my beloved long hair so I can help one cancer patient. I hope that the child/lady who will receive my hair will be blessed with longer life and a beautiful future.

long haired

Have a great night ahead and be safe,






To the Man who taught me about real love


How do I start this post without getting teary-eyed? Kinda hard so I will just let it flow. When I talk about my parents, my feelings overflow like a dam full of water. I know we should not question God but I end up however. I ask Him, “Who am I and what I have done to deserve such lovely parents?”. As I grow older and every time I come home during the weekends I find out more and more about the answers. God gave them to me because He knew I can’t survive without them. He knew exactly that Dad and Mom would be the perfect parents who will guide me in this challenge called life. I may have failed you at times because I have this motto of “following my hearts desire” but you always understood 🙂 God gave me both of you so I can grow, inspire and affect people in a positive way.

Daddy, thank you for always treating me as mermaid and for teaching me how to swim. You see, it’s more than that. I can’t imagine all the moments I am connected with the earth by just floating into the water. At times with eyes closed and more often with the stars above the sky. You maybe man of few words when it comes to serious talks but you were so right when you said “Anak, kung kayo talaga, magkakabalikan kayo. Kung hindi, hindi talaga”. I cried endlessly when I heard them from you, somewhat it killed me but those words were raw and pure. I know you don’t want me to feel the hurt and you want to put a band aid on my bleeding heart but still you told me the truth. You were the one who explained it all, ‘that true love fights and at times it will hurt’ .

Please, do not worry so much about me if I’m 28 and still single. That recent line that you dropped on my birthday week “Aba Anak, mag asawa ka, mahirap ang walang kasama sa buhay pagtanda”, made me laugh. I know you want the best for me but time will unfold itself. I want a marriage like mom and yours. Were things can be made calm even under a stormy weather. You will walk me down the aisle… When the time is right.

Thank you Daddy for being the greatest. May God bless you with healthy years ahead. I have so much memories with you stored in this heart of mine. All of them were colorful like the rainbow. We love you so. I love you so. I will always be your beautiful little mermaid. Happy Birthday 🙂

An interview with my 28 year old self

1) Now that the day is ending, how are you feeling?

Well, I feel insanely happy since I received lots of warm and heartfelt birthday greetings. Spent the day at home with family and was able to eat the famous Filipino Style Spaghetti, just the way that I wanted it.

2) Any other feeling aside from being happy since that’s a given character of yours?

Afraid? Afraid that now I am 28 things seem more complicated and life is crazier. Which is NORMAL.

3) But you were always a fighter right?

Yes. Still am, but there are moments when I can’t help but think of what could have been. You know, if I took up the course that I really wanted to and all that. Oh how I wish I am now living in the Caribbean where I can dig my toes daily on the sand.

4) Do you think it’s too late?

Not sure, but 28 seems pretty young and I have this great feeling I am gonna die old. So yeah, I will never give up my Caribbean Dream. Read that? NEVER!

5) Any plans of dating/marrying/settling down?

Dating yes, but with the man I feel comfortable with. Besides I date exclusively. Marrying and settling down… of course! But let’s not talk about that, I am not even dating someone yet. Might spoil the future.

6) You think Life has given you more than what you deserve. How do you feel about that?

Great and blessed, there’s nothing else to do except pay it forward.

7) Any major plans this year or so?

Yes, but I can’t discuss it here. I might get in trouble, haha!

8) Anything you would want to say to yourself?

A lot. That it’s okay to be afraid, everyone is, it’s just the matter of “trying” and “doing” where everyone else differs. Close your credit cards, they are temptations, lol! Never step on anyone and just continue to life in the same happy manner you do all day. Never stop believing that daily miracles happen and the one will come at the perfect time. Sleep if you must, all your weekends are fully booked so better continue sleeping 8-10 hours a day during weekdays. Smile all the time, flashing your pearly whites wouldn’t hurt. Travel, talk to strangers, for losing ourselves with them we find peace and harmony in our hearts. Be the light in all circumstances and LIVE each second. Pay respect to the elderly and their advice but don’t let it stop you from doing your own thing. Prayer is the best shield among all! BE BOLD, BE YOU, BE A STAR!

Shine bright like a diamond! Wohoo! I am 28, happy birthday to my dearest self!


Looking in Jambi’s big brown eyes

One of my high school bestie’s celebrated her birthday last September 13. She just turned 26 and last Saturday she invited us over for a house-overnight party. It’s the type of party that we usually do! There are a lot of pro’s to a house party, first venue is free, second we can shout and dance all night until dawn in flip flops (and rap Linkin Park’s Song feeling like Chester B. and Mark S.), third we can eat all we want as long as one volunteers to cook (thanks Bham), fourth endless coffee (do I need to mention you Jhong?), and lastly we have moments of silence where in we open our hearts out and dish about some issues, personal or not.

We are supposed to be 9 but for some reason only 7 of us were able to attend (Bham was not yet present at the time of the pictorials, so sorry dear). In no particular position, please meet my wonderful friends again, Mafel, Ghel, Jhong, Levy and the birthday girl herself, Jambi. The 9th member is actually miles away from us so that makes her excuse valid, lol.  Dear Belah, we hope you are doing fine there in Saudi. We miss you a lot, and we are glad you are again Facebook friends with Levy. Lol!

Let’s get the party started!!! Videoke, our fave part and the of course, birthdays are incomplete without the The Bar citrus tequila (after two shots, I needed to have a power nap, haha).

Our in between photos while singing, facebooking, twittering, instagraming, drinking and chatting.

Coffee, taking photos, singing again and again, and eating.

Our IG photos from Jambi and Jhong’s account 🙂

Our gift! She loved it so much! Always remember Jambi, YOU ARE WORTH IT! All of us are! We love you too!

Again, happy birthday from your 8 besties! May God continue to shower you with wonderful things and give all that you deserve. More birthdays so we can rap again!