An interview with my 28 year old self

1) Now that the day is ending, how are you feeling?

Well, I feel insanely happy since I received lots of warm and heartfelt birthday greetings. Spent the day at home with family and was able to eat the famous Filipino Style Spaghetti, just the way that I wanted it.

2) Any other feeling aside from being happy since that’s a given character of yours?

Afraid? Afraid that now I am 28 things seem more complicated and life is crazier. Which is NORMAL.

3) But you were always a fighter right?

Yes. Still am, but there are moments when I can’t help but think of what could have been. You know, if I took up the course that I really wanted to and all that. Oh how I wish I am now living in the Caribbean where I can dig my toes daily on the sand.

4) Do you think it’s too late?

Not sure, but 28 seems pretty young and I have this great feeling I am gonna die old. So yeah, I will never give up my Caribbean Dream. Read that? NEVER!

5) Any plans of dating/marrying/settling down?

Dating yes, but with the man I feel comfortable with. Besides I date exclusively. Marrying and settling down… of course! But let’s not talk about that, I am not even dating someone yet. Might spoil the future.

6) You think Life has given you more than what you deserve. How do you feel about that?

Great and blessed, there’s nothing else to do except pay it forward.

7) Any major plans this year or so?

Yes, but I can’t discuss it here. I might get in trouble, haha!

8) Anything you would want to say to yourself?

A lot. That it’s okay to be afraid, everyone is, it’s just the matter of “trying” and “doing” where everyone else differs. Close your credit cards, they are temptations, lol! Never step on anyone and just continue to life in the same happy manner you do all day. Never stop believing that daily miracles happen and the one will come at the perfect time. Sleep if you must, all your weekends are fully booked so better continue sleeping 8-10 hours a day during weekdays. Smile all the time, flashing your pearly whites wouldn’t hurt. Travel, talk to strangers, for losing ourselves with them we find peace and harmony in our hearts. Be the light in all circumstances and LIVE each second. Pay respect to the elderly and their advice but don’t let it stop you from doing your own thing. Prayer is the best shield among all! BE BOLD, BE YOU, BE A STAR!

Shine bright like a diamond! Wohoo! I am 28, happy birthday to my dearest self!


Be the fountain, be the blessing!

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age. – Sophia Loren

Often I would receive personal “thank you’s” from different people, mostly friends and people whom I do not know at all. They said I bring laughter, love, youth and positivity into their lives (never thought that by being this crazy makes myself and the people around me so happy). It’s always heart warming when someone comes up to me and say I am a blessing to their life. I have received a lot and up to now I still do. So today, I would like to say my “thank you” to those who look up to me as a source of life and inspiration. You also shaped me into something wonderful. do not worry, I will continue to shower the people around me and those I am bound to meet with love and wisdom.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Thankful I am for the all the LOVE in the world. Surrender everything to God and you’ll find a love that’ll last forever.

Got this Love Cross years ago, Dad placed it on our mini altar ♥

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