Manic Mondays I LOVE


Spent my Monday wisely and started it out crazy 🙂 This is my younger sister and I having fun after drinking our coffee (she even sneaked a few sips on mine! Hmpppp sissy, madaya ka, bhelat).


Then it’s time for another coffee with one of the prettiest girls alive, Kai. From the first time she shouted my name, I knew fun has started.


Greenhills shopping will always be one of the best places to hang out with a shopaholic friend like me. Lol! This photo was taken while we were shoe shopping.


Cherry blossoms are in bloom in Manila! They are soooo cute! (Errr, the fake ones)


After two hours of non stop walking, it’s time to eat out! Super sorry if we almost left without paying. One of the most embarassing moment in our entire laugh but hey, we remembered and walked back inside. Oh bloopers!!! My stomach ached from too much laughing!


Coffee for the third time? Why not? Apparently, Lyza our dear friend who just came back from Singapore saw my IG post and immediately followed! How fun is that? These two girls are the other superwomen that I know. It’s nice to surround yourself with such good strong souls! We talked about life, love, heartaches, guys, shopping and how to get better each day! We wrapped it up by watching ‘Beautiful Creatures’, love the movie and the collection of poetry that Leila owns. ^^

To my sister, Kai and Lyza, thanks for completing my Monday 🙂

Rambutan Party

Last week, we celebrated my Mom’s Birthday by going out-of-town. Supposedly, we have planned of traveling to Bicol to visit my relatives, pray at Our Lady of Penafrancia and see again the beauty of Mayon Volcano. Due to some reasons, the plan was cancelled. Good thing, Mom also has plan B which was to visit Our Lady of Monte Maria and then head to my Tito’s house near the area.

We arrived early at Our Lady of Monte Maria, since it was also Mama Mary’s birthday, they offered a procession before the mass started.

You can donate 5 peso coins and light up a candle.

I love kids who pray at an early age. 🙂

Been here twice but didn’t know there was a cute little garden at the side.

Nature, flowers, snails, oh green things!

If you walk around the area, you will find these bible verses planted on different corners.

The angel statue near the entrance.

Happy birthday Mama Mary!

Our big family with the two birthday celebrants, Mama Mary and Mom!

The family that prays together, stays together.

The weird siblings!

Love my sister’s hat!

After the mass, we headed straight to the public market to buy something for lunch. Sister Rose and I walked along the area, and I was so scared when I first saw this. Still, I want to have a picture with this little headless haired animal, conquered my fear!

Chuckie girl eversince, can’t get enough of the chocolatey things.

Human parking, lol!

In her eyes, I saw this!

Taal Volcano and the clouds.

My Tito’s house was situated between Batangas and Cavite, the place was so green and refreshing. Notice the little worm? I found it cute!

Our arrival was also time for the Rambutan harvest. Rambutan, if I am not mistaken, is a fruit near Lychee family. The color varies from yellow, orange to red. I wanted to pick one myself but there are so many large ants, so I just waited for some time before I tried eating one (no no to ants).

Aside from Rambutan, my Tito also had Calamansi’s all over the area.

This area caught my eye! The stones were marvelous, I want one for myself too.

Jesus Lourd and Lourd Jesus

Notice the spider?

ANTM time, who posed better with the Papaya Tree? Haha! 🙂

No one can beat my weird face and wacky poses!

Another caterpillar!

Posed and laughed all the time!

Love them! ♥

My relatives, mother’s side, that’s not even 1/4 of our kin.

We Just love to eat. Non-stop.

Time to hit the bed!

The following day, I sat outside and read a book. I can literally live here!

Hide and seek Papaya!

Again, the three weirdos.

Caitlyn said she will beat my modeling stunts, lol! Not bad for a starter dearest!

Getting ready for lunch, picnic time!

Lunch buffet table is full!

Lourd Jesus, Kriss and my Grandma Cora.

Food attack!

You can never go wrong with rice. The photo on the right was my plate. 🙂

“the fault, dear brutus is not in our stars, but ourselves”

With my ever loving Dad!

Stolen conversations! You both look funny sisters!

Caitlyn will not give up her posing career.

You can’t reach the stars, but Pomelo’s? YES!

Pomelo on top.

She got so many!

Cute cute kids! 🙂

I live to inspire, everyday.