Daily Prompt: Bookworms

Oh, No, Not Another Ritual! Not another invocation intended TO make the invisible forces manifest in the invisible world! – Aleph, Paulo Coelho

3201.to-do.jpg-550x0Things TO do when I’m with you.

1) Look into your eyes

2) Slow dance with a Norah Jones’ song

3) Tip toe and kiss your forehead

4) Drink coffee in the morning

5) Read you poems

6) Cuddle up

7) Sing you a song

9) Laugh until our tummy hurts

10) Above all, Love you


Share the 10th word on the book nearest you 🙂

Mini Tagaytay, my happy place!


Here comes the rainy season. My favorite one. These are the times I find myself counting raindrops, sipping more coffee than usual, cooking “lucky me” to keep me warm and reading books non-stop to kill time and travel to another dimension.

So last night, I listed all my must read physical books. I almost died when my I finished my list, 42 books! *die, die, die and die once more* How did this happen? How can I have so many books?

I told myself I better get back to reading or else my sister Krissy will kill me once I step inside a bookstore again and end up buying all the reads that interest me. As much as I love my room, deep inside I know I need to find another place, another area where my brain won’t tell me “the weather is very inviting, go ahead and sleep”.

Now here I am, lying flat on my stomach blogging and reading at the same time. Mom’s gonna scream at me once she notice that her cute sala is missing one of her pink foamy seats. Yes, I brought them to our terrace.

Happy reading! 🙂

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

How do you prefer to read, with an eReader like a Kindle or Nook, or with an old school paperback in hand?

Since I don’t have a Kindle or Nook, yes the answer is obvious, old school paperback wins. That’s for me, I just can’t finish a book though I have it on my Note 2. My eyes hurt after 2-3 hours of non-stop reading. Plus, reading a physical book has its own advantages.

1. Books fits right on hand, and turning each page is exciting.

2. Books smell good no matter what. Old or brand new, I just love it!

3. Books look amazing when aligned. I can imagine how my future library would look like *jumps up and down*

4. Books are conversation starters. Whenever I visit, National Bookstore, Powerbooks or Fully Booked, I talk to strangers and ask them “Hi, have you read that book you are holding?”, “Do you recommend I read it?”, “What type of books are you into?” and all that. It’s nice to hear stuff from another bookworm.

5. Books are old school, and that tops it. 🙂 I am one old soul.

To end this post, please let me share this, got this from Karen’s Facebook, another bookworm.

old book smell

Saturdays and Baby showers

Saturdays are always fun. In fact, I love them, who wouldn’t want weekends and all the good things. Yesterday was an extra special one, I got invited to a baby shower. Yes! A baby shower but not the normal ones, this is a baby book shower. My friend Shine (previous Team Manager) is a bookworm she decided it’s best to collect books for her soon to be Baby, Rain (soon to be Rain and Shine! Weeee!). She sort of had an emergency before the party, she needed a new host. In short, she chose me and our friend Gem. I had a few doubts since I have not hosted any events like this before and honestly I think I forgot how to, lol! (can’t remember the last time I hosted). Good thing Shine briefed us on some information on how she wanted the party to go. So we had a few games like ‘guess my belly size’ and ‘guess baby rains’ birth date’. We also read mommy tips and wishes for Baby Rain. Of course, we do have a finale, book reading by the ever famous Bebang Siy (author of the book ‘It’s a Mens World‘) . She did an amazing job, it was my first time to hear “Biag ni Lam-ang” and I am sure I won’t forget her version. She is ‘laughable-talented’ and soon to be married, yey! One great ball of energy, everyone enjoyed her short show. Too sad I was not able to have a photo taken with her.

So now, let me share a few photos from yesterday :

Collage 2013-02-03 16_42_32Books, cupcakes, sweets, art stuff, invites! Dr. Seuss theme! Yipee!

Collage 2013-02-03 16_42_53

Moonleaf Tea Shop Thank you so much! Cozy place and perfect for events like this!

TM Shine, I do hope Baby Rain will love books like us. It is amazing that you want her to be a ‘bookworm’ at an early age. I know she will be, you are surrounded by books everywhere, like literally! 🙂 I enjoyed hosting the event with Gem, reading mommy tips from your friends was helpful (haha, feeling soon to be mom?) and of course wishes for Baby Rain were all so sweet. Now, I can’t wait to have my own since you volunteered to organize it, lol!

Have a safe delivery and you are gonna be a great mom, I just know it! Your kind words are appreciated.

Fullscreen capture 232013 61751 PM.bmp

♥ Joycey

Now is good to care

I was just watching Ellie Goulding’s videos on Youtube when I happened to pass by one of her songs entitled “I know you care” which happened to be the OST of this movie, Now is Good.

So, my sister downloaded it for me and true enough… it made me cry. Didn’t know that this was taken from a book. Since I liked the movie so much (I’m a big fan of tear jerker movies) maybe I’ll stop by the bookstore and buy myself one. Just wanted to share my favorite scene 🙂 and quote.

now is good (1) now is good (2) now is good (3) now is good (4)

our life is a series of moments
each one a journey to the end
let them go
let them all go

our life is a series of moments
let them go
all gathering towards this one

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

They loved me, I loved them back. 2012, You have been great and I won’t ever forget you, I know 2013 will be happier and more inspiring than ever.

At exactly 10 hours from now, 2012 will officially close. I just want to thank God for the blessings. Countless, countless, countless… from family, friends, relatives, love lost, love found and all in between. My heart is full of joy as I leave all my worries behind. I have gained enough wisdom to move on and enjoy my 28th year here on earth. Again to all the people around me who said I am inspiring as ever, I am delighted! Really, I feel like I am a star now. Do not worry, will make sure to inspire people and help in every possible way I can. The adrenaline rush of joy will stay with me each day. Life has never been this great and I have never been more positive. To all those who were there for me during my ‘downward emotional’ state, I appreciate it. Now, I am so much better. Self forgiven and self driven.

I ♥ you all. I mean it!