Tracing the roots… Aralar

Our family’s last name is very memorable. Why? Simply because people can’t get to pronounce it right at first. I remember my college friend Ronn who usually calls me “RARAR”. Funny, super funny when those thoughts cross my mind. The other day, my sister shared something I didn’t know! I was like, really? So here are the facts!

1.) We have a mountain range, yes not only that, it’s located in SPAIN! Say what? So we have a spanish blood then, hmmmm.

2.) Talk about business? I found ARALAR Ezkerrekoa eta abertzalea and Papel ARALAR. Maybe that is the reason why my dad is into this business world as well, roots to root it will go on.

3.) Lastly, a restaurant! BARARALAR! I need to add this to my MUST GO PLACES IN A LIFETIME! The food looks amazing!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and type you Last name on Google! You’ll never know until you google it! Haha!

***Aralar Mountain Range***