Chicken Charlie at BGC

Most of the time, before or after work, I love to take a walk. You know, just to ease myself out of stress. One fine thing to do? Window and restaurant shopping! Wohoo! So one time, I was walking near Burgos Circle at the Fort and I saw this resto. Being a chicken fan, I said to myself I have to try it out.

I entered the area and was greeted nicely by the staff. At that time, I was the only customer so I took my time with the menu. Hmmm, my appetite actually changed, so I went for Meal D which was 5 pcs. Fish strips with rice, iced tea and some fries too. My food tastes good but I do recommend you try it out, not bad for the price, for me it’s very affordable. I will be back soon for some chicken time.

Happy eating!

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