My Lovely Christmas on Instagram


December 24 morning, I decided to prep my nails for Christmas. Was not able to squeeze in some time to visit the a parlor or spa for some mani and pedi pampering. Not too bad right? I used to do my own nails before so I didn’t have a hard time.

wpid-IMG_20121224_122139.jpgPlayed some time with one of my faves, Caitlyn 🙂 She’s getting bigger and such a poser now like me, haha!


The birthday girl, you know I love you sister! My wish is that you’ll become one of the greatest nurse ever, do not copy me, haha! I am the maarte one, haha!


Videoke time while waiting for our visitors 🙂


Time for some break, cake eating time!

wpid-IMG_20121225_231826.jpgHere comes dinner with my loved ones, got the greatest family ever, I could not ask for more.


So proud of my make up, love the simplicity, nude gloss lipstick and eyeliner only.


And my golden pair of earrings completes my night of course!


I am her fave and she will be mine 🙂


Let’s start opening up the presents! Most exciting part of the night!


Wonderful bag from mom, thank you so much! ♥


Siblings and cousin Buds with their gifts, all smiles!


My gifts, from monito monita, to gifts from dear friends, relatives, siblings and parents. Thank you thank you, you made me so happy! I loved them all!


Left home early, went to the office and had a solo time with Hilda. My peppermint and fave table with my holiday wallet.


We walked past The Mind Museum, ped lanes, street lights and I got to see BGC’s Christmas stuff up close. They look so cute and full of stars! Didn’t notice them at all! 🙂


My view while waiting for the clock to strike 12, the moon and a star.

wpid-IMG_20121225_230137.jpgAdditional sweets and gifts from office friends!


Jeepney’s from the Philippines, this is my bet! Mabuhay!


Loved walking in these wedges from H&M!


Officially Christmas, love my outfit, denim peplum dress! ♥


Braid them up girls!


I look tall in here, lol! Because no one’s beside me!


I need to watch this play soon… excited!


With relatives at Resorts World Manila


My three boys ♥


Lunch treat from Red Crab, thanks Tito Al, we really enjoyed it!


Yum, yum, yum!


I got a victim, haha! I am a pro when it comes to eating you Mr. Crab! Sorry 🙂


Sissy and her big butt, lol!


With our pretty cousin, Allen! Tall isn’t she? Well, I am used to it, I am the smallest! Always! Haha!

So that was how I spent the 24th and 25th of Chrismas, still got a lot of photos but that would summarize them all. Hoping everyone had a great one. Always nice to spend the holidays with our loved ones, family and friends.

From the heart to you, have a joyful one and may all the desires of your soul be granted!

Tita! Where is the sunblock?

The weather yesterday was so weird, it had a twist of sun, wind and rain showers. Still, that didn’t stop my mom from visiting one of her friends. Caitlyn and I tagged along since it was a Sunday and I know there’s a swimming pool. Yes! Water water water!

Since I cancelled my Caramoan trip last July and Cebu trip this past September for some personal reason, I needed a quick and free getaway!

Nature tripping and lots of green!

A place for the orchids, they are just starting so no flowers yet.

My Tita Tek made this yummy treat! One of the best Filipino delicacies!

Caitlyn, my daughter, lol! Jokin’ she’s my niece but almost everyone says she looks like me. Maybe because I named her and took care of her most of the time.

Caitlyn: Tita Joy, where is the sunblock? We can’t swim!

Tita Joy: Yes we can, let me just kiss you and it will protect you from the sun! (I love how kids accept all explanations then ask again, haha!)

When swimming, always start with “bubbles”.

I spent 3/4 of the time laughing, we own the pool! How cool was that?

While floating Caitlyn said, “Tita don’t die yet!” I almost drowned due to excessive laughing. 🙂

***Happy moments***

“Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery



Picture taking!

She’s so adorable!

My Tito’s place at Antipolo Rizal

This one caught my eye from afar.

Plastic cup on our heads.

I asked her to form a heart but her hands are chubby. 🙂

Look at that! Roof of stars!

Time to go now! Thank goodness the sun was not so hot, no sunblock? Who cares?

UPDATE as of June 18, 2013

Please add them on Facebook if you are interested to pay a visit and have a great time! 🙂