Trick or Treat Us!

If last year I was pink fairy, this year I decided to be a witch because I feel like one, kiddin! 🙂 Just wanted to try something dark. So I wore my favorite purple with gold dots skirt and asked my sister to buy me a witch hat. My sister on the other hand opted to stick with a scary mask so she can scare kids, haha! My nieces dressed up as black witch, joker, Woody and Little Mermaid. We had fun, since there were candies (love gummy worms), cute cakes, photobooth, magics and games. Justine as Woody won the best drawing award while her lil’ sister Thania won the cutest award.

To all of my friends and loved ones, happy trick or treat, will be buying candies later and share them to my team. Already feel like Santa, also super excited for November 1, Christmas tree building time!