Step Up Movies

I am definitely not a dancer but wants to be one. Do not get me wrong, I can glide, sway, step and side step from side to side, however NOT like the stars of “Step Up Movies”. This blog of mine was actually inspired by the Magic Mike the Movie or to make is short… by Channing Tatum. He will always be one of my crushes when it comes to the dance floor topic. Surely he can move every inch of his muscle with grace and pop. I am so happy he is happily married to Jenna Dewan (they look really lovely with each other).

Step Up will always be my fave among the three, why? Simply because the first one is always the best. The characters were really good and I loved the chemistry of the couple.

Step Up 2 was good for me, I found the lead dancer sexy and her partner charming.

Step Up 3D was of course fascinating. Talk about effects and lights!

Now, I am waiting for the 4th part! I am fond of watching mobbed over Youtube so yes, I am basically excited.  I do hope in the future, Tyler will be back too! ♥♥♥