Circling in a dream


Illusions light the reality of my dreams
Grasping for air I am bound to scream
Future faces I cannot see
How can one face the past with glee
If dreams are the only way to have you
Sparks of blue seas and all different hue
Then let me taste the sweetness of feathers in the night
For all I know I have to fight

Circling in a dream, bound to fight
In you I take flight



How I envisioned myself years ago

When I was little, I only have one dream. Laugh all you want but I want to be a waitress. Yes, you read it right. My friends up to now would still laugh at the idea. They said it’s silly because I can be more than that, but I still dream of it at times.

Hhmmmm, a waitress with a flower on my hair, a yellow star shaped one or a medium sized stargazer. I can wear a pure white little dress with a checkered ribbon at the back that accentuates my waist. Maybe a white stocking like what I used to wear on my nursing days. Red shoes that I can comfortably walk on with (just like the Wizard of Oz) and a fountain pen and cute colorful post-its to take orders.


Trading dreams


I was on my way to work when I saw her post on Facebook. My heart was broken, she was a dear friend. A loving and very supportive one indeed. I considered her as a sister in life for she has always been there for me when I needed her. Knowing that her father died and she’s thousand of miles away brought tears to my eyes. So now I pray: Dear Lord, I will trade all my dreams for her, please grant her wish tonight. May she meet her father so she can tell her how much she loves her. Give her enough time to share all the things she wants her father to know. I can take nights and days without dreams, let mine be hers. Amen.

Dreaming of you

New Image

Never knew that I can sleep talk.

Been sleepless for a few days… oh holiday blues! Earlier at work, like 5 minutes before lunch, my head was spinning because of too much sleepiness. Was not able to help it 🙂 I placed my head on the desk while my seatmate massaged my nape and head. I knew she was talking to me, didn’t know that I drifted to dreamland within nano seconds. Lol! Then these words came out…

the sky is dark
the moon is afar
the star is shining
the universe is black

As Langston Hughes said “Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly.”

So I guess I must hold on to the sky, moon, star and universe. Been thinking lately what would become of me in the next three years. Will I be 30 and happy? Or 30 and lost? Hmmm… the code will always be poetry and dreams will never forsake me.