Champorado and the Dried Salted Herring

Funny as it may seem, I do not know how to cook (real viands) though I love eating and trying out different foods. Mom always tell me I cannot be a good wife because a husband after a hard days work would just love to sit down, read a newspaper or magazine and EAT. Of course, the wife must cook for her beloved husband. I, on the other hand only knows how to make someone laugh non-stop.

Now, that leaves me nowhere, so DO NOT MARRY ME if you are a food junkie. Unless you are willing to eat out, have something delivered or cook for me, haha, that’s the other way around. (I guess I can work so I’ll be one who will come home for dinner).

Looking at the bright side of the rainbow, I got one good news, since I am addicted to chocolates as early as I can remember, I have perfected how to cook “Champorado”. This is a famous Filipino food, mostly eaten during breakfast or “siesta” time, and cold seasons.

Forgive me for I am not a food blogger, if you want to try, these are the ingredients that you need:

1. Ricoa Cocoa or any powdered cocoa brand

2. Sugar, preferably brown sugar (since it’s healthier)

3. Malagkit Rice (Sticky rice) and the normal rice

How to cook:

1. Put the Malagkit rice and normal rice together and boil them for about 15 minutes. Do not forget to stir frequently.

2. On a separate bowl, mix the powdered cocoa and brown sugar. Add hot water and stir non-stop. Haha!

3. Once you are done and the 15 minutes is over, add the liquified cocoa to the boiling Malagkit and normal rice. Again, stir non-stop. Add sugar depending on your taste.

4. You can add evaporated milk or powdered milk to your hot Champorado.

5. If you are a little adventurous, try eating your Champorado with dried salted herring. Sweet and salty, DELICIOUS!

***Do not ask me for any measurements, I do not know anything about them. (Forgive me again)***

The key ingredients

Due to frequent stirring, I got BURNED! Tsk tsk tsk!

Here’s my plate with the dried salted herring (known as “Tuyo” in Tagalog)

I used the evaporated milk since I am a young lady, haha!

My twin brother of course, used the powdered one.

“Tuyo” close up

Dad didn’t eat Champorado 😦 that’s because Mom bought him something from the mall. Thanks to my twin brother though, I guess they enjoyed it. Love these boys!

Again, do not marry me, for I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COOK but I plan to try. Enjoy eating!