Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

I won’t ever forget my first weekend getaway when I was in Dubai last year. My friends brought me to the very beautiful Al Mamzar Park. Oh it was really breathtaking! The benches, the trees and the beach!!! 🙂

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I am the lost mermaid

Since I was not able to blog about my past getaways, I just decided to get my favorite pictures in each batch. Now I really regret I blogged too late 😥 Forgive me if I can’t remember the dates, I am not so good in memorizing them.

June 2007 Boracay

This was my first getaway with my college friends. After 4 years of studying nursing, why not give ourselves a break right?

2007 Anawangin Cove Zambales

First time in Anawangin and it was love!

November 2007 Pagudpud Beach

Went to visit my good old friend Belah.

April 2008 Bangui Windmills

Second time for Ilocos, this time, I went with the whole gang.

April 2008 Pagudpud Beach

Lovin’ the long shore of Pagudpud.

September 2008 Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera White beach was not that pretty compared to other beaches, however, it is good if you want to escape Manila as soon as you can. Very near place and easy to travel.

March 2009 Cuyab Resort Hotspring Laguna

Team Building time, yes it is really hot spring! love it!

April 2009 Patar Beach Bolinao Pangasinan

The sand is amazing, looks orangey-gold to me!

April 2009 Hundred Islands Alaminos Pangasinan

Went with my family, this was a tiring one because you really need to tour the surrounding islands but it was all worth it! A must see for all travelers.

September 2009 Puerto Galera

Visited Puerto again but this time with my Cavaliers Team from Chase. We went to the other side of Puerto which was cleaner for me compared to the White Beach area.

November 2009 Potipot Island Zambales

A small island situated in Candelaria Zambales, it’s virginity is unique and the cool water makes me wanna swim all day.

November 2009 Sunbloom Resort

Sunbloom Resort was the resort we stayed in when we visited Potipot. From this area, Potipot Island is just 5 mins boat ride away.

February 2010 Maysha Resort Angono Rizal

Team Building for Team Cavaliers again. Time to bond and have fun!

May 2010 Capones Lighthouse

Visited Anawangin Cove for the 2nd time. This time, with college friends. This picture was taken on top of the lighthouse. You have to be patient in climbing before you can reach this part.

May 2010 Capones Island

Third time to visit Anawangin Cove, now, with Nueve Diosas! I just needed time to pose so I can endorse my friends’ t-shirt printing business.

May 2010 Pundaquit Shores

Havin’ a good old tanning time at the beach.

June 2010 Potipot Island, Candelaria Zambales

Second time around for Potipot! Now with Claims friends! Super enjoyed it!

September 2010 Magalawa Island

The place where all the starfish resides. Literally! they are all over the island. Better visit so you can see, don’t forget to bring your goggles.

January 2011 Punta De Fabian Resort Tanay Rizal

It’s our yearly tradition to go out, this time, we want some place near. Little did I know that this wonderful place was nestled near our area. Unfortunately, we were not able to stay in for an overnight but all the pictures are great.

February 2011 3BR Resort Antipolo Rizal

One last time to bond with my Escalations team. I’m jumping off and having soooooo much fun!

February 2011 Falls on our way to Baguio

I am not sure what is the name of this falls, looks cute though.

February 2011 Pugo Adventure La Union

After celebrating Penagbenga, we visited this sports oriented place called Pugo Adventure.

March 2011 Mamzar Beach Park Dubai

First off in Dubai and we hit the beach!

June 2011 Atlantis the Palm Jumeirah Beach Park

The famous Atlantis, nerve wracking water rides and lovely beach.

August 2011 Parasailing Jumeirah Beach Park Area

Just a quick pose after parasailing. 🙂

September 2011 Eid Beachin’

Last time for me to enjoy the beach of Middle East.